Vertigo: V2

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Vertigo: V2

7 songs, 13 minutes; yeah, that’s fuckin’ hardcore.

If you’re a fan of music that is hard, fast and abrasive in the best possible ways then you need to suss Vertigo’s second release ‘V2.”

V2 isn’t just a bunch of guys trying to emulate a sound that they weren’t around for the first time, instead, it is Vertigo highlighting their influences from the past but showing what they can add to it in a modern sense.

‘Hammer’ for example dabbles with riffs that could easily be found on a surf-rock album whilst ‘Closed Circuit’ opens with a very doom-esque sound before bringing back in the hardcore vibes. ‘Stain’ is the EP’s longest track clocking in at just under four minutes. Opening with a semi art-punk drum pattern it is quickly dictated by a very mysterious guitar riff kicking off in the middle of the song. As the song progresses so does the riff and with each addition it only becomes more intriguing.

‘Neglect’ brings back the fast paced hardcore riffs and impressive vocals that perfectly embody everything hardcore is about as a genre, rough, hard and in your face. The albums closer, ‘Crumb’ kicks in with the brutal line, “BLOW YOUR HEAD IN” before delivering two minutes of a fast-paced frenzy.

Anti Fade
Reviewed by Alex Callan