Vanessa Amorosi on returning to Australia, her new album and The Point Live @ Portsea: “Words can’t really express how excited I am”

Vanessa Amorosi on returning to Australia, her new album and The Point Live @ Portsea: “Words can’t really express how excited I am”

Words by Benjamin Lamb

The Australian music icon returns to her home country to perform at The Point Live @ Portsea alongside some fellow Aussie music legends.

Live music is making its triumphant return to Victorian stages, with The Point Live @ Portsea welcoming legendary Aussie talent to Portsea. The festival lineup boasts Daryl Braithwaite, Russell Morris and many more, but perhaps the most special of all will be Vanessa Amorosi, returning to Australian shores after more than a decade in Los Angeles.

The key takeaways

  • The Point Live @ Portsea is being held at Portsea’s Jarman Oval
  • It features a selection of Australia’s greatest musicians
  • It’s happening on March 19 from 11am. Tickets start at $129

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It’s a well known fact that Victorians have never been hard-pressed when it comes to the world of festivals. There’s something for all types of people, whether you like classic rock, EDM or jazz fusion, we have a festival up your alley.

In recent years though, there’s been an interesting resurgence of classic Australian music that spans beyond the limitations of COVID restrictions, and we’ve seen the festival world return to promoting familiar faces, which Vanessa says feels like an old reunion whenever she plays.

“It’s like being on the road with family,” Vanessa says. “It’s an incredible environment, because everyone’s so supportive. The industry in Australia is so small, so I feel like it’s family, it’s exciting to get back out there.”

The Aussie music scene has endured momentous struggles, with botched tours, closed borders and cancelled festivals. The Point Live @ Portsea represents a light as we slowly grow closer to the end of the tunnel. With borders reopening at the end of the month, and tours like The Point Live @ Portsea locked in, Australian musicians have much to look forward to.

“Words can’t really express how excited I am (for The Point Live @ Portsea),” Vanessa continues. “I get to be with my band. We’ve toured the world together, so to not be on the road for such a long time is crazy.

“It’s nice that our whole community gets to go back to living again.”

The Point Live @ Portsea will take place on March 19 at Portsea’s beautiful Jarman Oval, a stone’s throw from the Mornington Peninsula. Vanessa has played a number of festivals in beautiful locations like this over the years, and her music has found new life thanks to a younger generation finding solace in her lyrics. It’s a combination she relishes.

“It’s wonderful, and it’s something you don’t think about,” she says. “These songs would continue to take their own journey in other people’s lives. It’s amazing.

“I think the location is going to be beyond ridiculous as well, the atmosphere that happens when you’re doing these outdoor shows in Australia is amazing, everybody’s there for a good time, everybody connects, so it’s like being at a huge party.

“If you didn’t know somebody, you know them by the time the day finishes, it’s an environment that I haven’t experienced anywhere else but Australia, and it’s wonderful.”

Vanessa’s music is heavily interwoven with emotional storytelling and personal recounts that connect with audiences in a variety of ways. Fans will be able to experience that sensation for the first time all over again at The Point Live @ Portsea, when she releases her upcoming album the day prior: City of Angels.

She says the album will move fans; a journey through a gospel sound that’s been an important element of Vanessa’s music for a number of years, but hasn’t been as prevalent as it is on City of Angels.

“It’s always been there, then over the years – because I’m so passionate about that kind of stuff – it’s just grown and grown and grown,” she says. “So this is going to be the first record that I’ve produced where I’ve just let it go.

“I’ve got a lot of interesting chord progressions that feed me, I’m so excited for everyone to hear this stuff.”

For fans hearing this at The Point Live @ Portsea, or in the recorded form, Vanessa’s main hope is that they can connect to it and find a moment that relates to them.

“I’m hoping that people go on a journey with this record where they listen to it, and it takes them to exactly the moment that I was in when writing it, or a moment that they experienced that was very similar. It’s all about connecting,” she adds.

“For me personally, I want to hope that through what I’m writing, it makes people go ‘Wow, shit, I had the exact same thing happened to me,’ or ‘This song makes me think of that person.’ I hope it has that experience, and I hope it just makes people feel good.”


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Feel good with Vanessa and many more Aussie icons at The Point Live @ Portsea on March 19. Visit the festival website here, or grab your tickets here.