Valerie’s Pantry

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Valerie’s Pantry

Valerie’s Pantry is Belmont’s favourite bulk wholefoods and liquids store on the bustling High Street strip, offering an alternative to the chain supermarkets sharing the same space.

Initiated by Katherine Reynolds, who has a strong appreciation of sustainable produce and living, the store, which is named after her grandmother, encourages customers to be mindful of the intensity of waste and the impact supermarkets have on consumers and the environment.

The first thing you’ll notice stepping into the building, which was previously a real estate office, is the many tubs and containers that line the far wall. Filled with everything from organic tri-colour quinoa to roasted salted pistachios, this element of the business encourages shoppers to reduce plastic packaging by bringing in their own reusable containers. It’s super easy, and creates a slow but easy shopping experience, where customers can truly look at everything on offer.

Valerie’s Pantry also stocks fresh local and organic produce, pantry essentials, and non-toxic and chemical free home and body products. Some brands to look out for are Zeally Bay breads, Pana Chocolate, KeepCup, Ravens Creek, Wes Eggs, Ocean Grind coffee and more. There’s even a few gift-ey items for the world-friendly person in your life, with takeaway coffee cups, a bamboo toothbrush and other bits and pieces. There’s even a range of beverages promoting gut health by adding probiotics such as Kombucha, sparkling apple cider and Kefir drinks.

Focusing on bulk wholefoods, liquids and spices, there are few things about this store that aren’t sustainable. Since opening her doors just over three months ago, Valerie’s Pantry allows you to buy both seasonally and locally. Not only is it better for your wallet, but the food tastes better, it’s fresher, and it didn’t have to travel as far which lowers its carbon footprint. And don’t feel you need to buy new jars to fill up either. You can find an abundance of jars from the thrift stores, or you can use glass jam jars or marinara or anything you buy in jars. Win-win!

Are you feeling brave enough to go on a zero-waste shopping trip? There’s no better way to start the season!

Where: 138 High St, Belmont
When: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm; Sat 9am-3pm; Sun 10am-2pm
Ph: 03 5245 8656