URBNSURF Melbourne is finally ready for waves

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URBNSURF Melbourne is finally ready for waves

For most surfers the perfect conditions are but a dream… One that they get to experience once in every hundred surfs, limited by their geography, weather conditions and a lack of time, surfing really can be a tough gig, especially for beginners.

These tough conditions can quickly squash the excitement for surfing, with URBNSURF though, every day is filled with the perfect conditions.

With 1000 perfect waves rolling through every hour and conditions adaptable at the push of a button, there are waves for everyone. From small gentle whitewash for first-timers, to 2-metre barrels for those that can really shred.

The two-hectare surfing lagoon offers surfing lessons and ‘free surf’ sessions and, with the state-of-the-art sporting lights will run all day and into the night. Great food and drink will be available for spectators or those needing a break, and a surf shop for those after some gear.

Be one of the first to catch a wave, as they start rolling in this summer, located in Tullamarine, Melbourne, visit www.urbnsurf.com for more information and follow URBNSURF on Instagram (www.instagram.com/urbnsurf) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/urbnsurf) for all the latest news.

Written by Bert Seaton
Photo supplied by URBNSURF & Ed Sloane