Up your decorative candle game with these adorable (and vegan!) soy candles made locally

Up your decorative candle game with these adorable (and vegan!) soy candles made locally

Words by Ashlee Simpson

These delightful candles are EVERYTHING you've ever needed, and more.

There is nothing quite like entering a house to the smell of waxy vanilla and caramel burning in the air. It’s even better once you see that the candle is a cute bubbly cube or a deeply dimensional arch with a gorgeous pastel hue.

This was exactly what Hailey Hill had in mind when she started her candle business The Millie Candle Co. earlier this year.

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Long-time Geelong Local and business owner Hailey moved into her new home this year and during the decorating process, had the burst of inspiration to embellish her home with “cute, free-standing candles to add a pop of colour”, decorations that she would love. This roused her creative side to begin making her own candles in “styles that [she] wanted in [her] own home” she says, as well as being inspired by “feedback and requests from family and friends”.

“I realised I loved the process. I grew up baking, so candle making had the same ‘chemistry-but-fun’ feel for me,” Hailey reflects on the experience as her business grew to an Australia-wide market. Whilst the process “involves a lot of trial and error and testing, it is really rewarding to end up with a shade that I [Hailey] loves, that looks and smells beautiful, and burns safely”.

From serene flower pillars in a lilac musk stick flavour, to the incredibly adorable (and sure-to-be complexly crafted) arches in blood orange and grapefruit, the “candles are coloured and scented so they’re easy on the eyes and the nose”.

And to add to the charm of this business, it is named after 18-year-old pup, Millie, who Hailey describes to be the “light of her life”. Cue heart-warming “awhhhh”! You can find the upmost adorable photo of Millie here.

With an absolute plethora of colours, an extensive variety of shapes, and enough scents to send you beyond the room it burns within, the candles are hand-poured locally, vegan, AND sustainable. Hailey works by the idea that “if we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?” (from edgarsmission); with her clear intention to “minimise [her] impact on animals and the environment”.

Similar to the luxurious, eco-friendly soaps of Lather Lust, The Millie Candle Co’s products are made with “biodegradable soy wax and pure cotton wicks”, as promoted on her Instagram story highlight, to emphasise as much sustainability as possible. Being a small business, Hailey currently packages the candles by reusing kraft paper and bubble wrap she has “hoarded over the years” in order to give the packaging a second life, however aspires to “wrap each candle in lovely branded, compostable tissue paper”. Details on Hailey’s sustainability mission, as well as ideas on how buyers themselves can reuse the packaging are listed on her sustainability page.

The enriching aromas the candles produce, and satisfyingly adorable shapes and colours that compliment any space they decorate, are bound to be loved by all; with the extra bonus of knowing the products are completely sustainable, and hand-made with love.

To order Hailey’s candles as a gift for others (just in time for Christmas, too!) or even a treat for yourself, head here or follow @themilliecandleco on Instagram!