Up close with Holes & Corners Recording Studio

Up close with Holes & Corners Recording Studio

Hey, thanks for talking to Forte mag – Can you tell us a bit of the history of Holes & Corners Recording Studio?
We opened the studio in South Melbourne in 2015, when a former studio I worked at in Brunswick closed its doors. Our aim was to provide the best gear and sound, in a convenient space for both bands and freelance engineers to record in.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your expertise that people can utilize at Holes & Corners.
I’ve been working in audio for a little over 20 years now, starting out mixing live bands at the Barwon Club in Geelong, then on tour and in the studio. The last 15 years I have been solely recording and mixing in the studio, with many genres, but primarily punk, rock, metal and the many variations of those.

What are the best features about Holes & Corners studios? What would you say separates it from other studios?
We have the best quality gear you can buy – from the expensive tube and ribbon mics all the way down to Mogami cable looms throughout. What separates us is – we also have a huge collection of classic tube amps, guitars, basses and drums. Most other studios that provide all this are in a higher price bracket (Our “dry hire” rate is $350 per day – BYO engineer).

Personally I’ve played drums, guitar and bass for nearly 25 years, so I’d like to think I can offer some great insight into recording these while keeping a relaxed atmosphere.

With 20 years of audio experience, there are an impressive roster of artists that have worked with the studio – who are some of the most memorable?
Bodyjar – Very recent, but they were one of the first bands to take me on tour as a guitar/drum tech and monitor engineer at 20, so it’s great to come full circle with them.

Adalita – The first gigs I ever sneaked into underage regularly was Magic Dirt (and Something for Kate) so it was great to work with Adalita in the studio.

The Smith Street Band – Recorded two albums with TSSB, but the 2nd one was out in a remote house made from 100-year-old train carriages for a month or so. I made a new friend in USA producer/ muso Jeff Rosenstock too. The gear used on this album was some of the first to end up at Holes and Corners.

The Bennies – I’ve worked on three albums and an EP with these guys and they always have me in stitches.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get out of the bedroom and into a studio? What should they be equipped with coming into a proper studio?
Know what you want out of the recording – promo to get gigs, new single for a bigger audience, Album for radio and touring…. there are so many different aims and budgets for bands/solo artists at different stages. Get in touch with your engineer and work out the best approach long before the date booked.

Can you tell us a bit about the experienced engineers that offer their services?
We encourage experienced freelance engineers to book our studio for their projects, and have had some great sessions from outside engineers since opening in 2015:
Will Putney (USA) – The Amity Affliction/ Northlane/ In Hearts Wake, Andre Eremin (AUS) – Luca Brasi, Kyle Black (USA) – Cold Ground and Mike Deslandes (AUS) – Lincoln LeFevre/ Pagan.

Holes & Corners is located at 50-52 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne. Visit www.holesandcorners.com.au/ or book via holesandcorners@gmail.com