Up close with Clint Wilson, Nothin' To Lose

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Up close with Clint Wilson, Nothin' To Lose

Hey thanks for speaking with Forté. You recently released the single ‘Nothin’ To Lose’, how have you found the reception so far?
Thanks for having me. The single is going great it’s getting a few spins on community radio and being added to some Spotify playlists which is awesome. We’re getting a lot of love for the film clip too.
‘Nothin’ To Lose’ is described as melancholic and the lyrics talk about having nothing in life and being happy about it. Where does inspiration for a tune like this come from?
The last line of the chorus popped into my head one day. When I sat down to write the song I had an image of a guy living under a bridge or shelter and just jumped into his shoes for a bit.
You utilised a choir to complement you lead vocals on the track to stunning effect. Did you enjoy that aspect of creating the song?
I wrote the song with my guitarist Zach and we were emailing ideas back and forth, he sent me a message saying “how about this for the chorus” and I think the choir idea made the song. I sent a few of my musician mates a text telling them “to come into the studio, I need a choir on this track”.
This single along with your previous single ‘Don’t Stir Your Coffee If It’s Cold’ are beautifully powerful yet tell sad stories. Do you find that sombre tones compliment your style of music?
I’m not sure why my last few songs have come out like that, I’m in a really happy place at the moment. The last few tracks we’ve been writing have been happy songs. I’m not sure what controls the feeling of the song, they just come out that way.
Your music has been likened to a slew of successful Australian folk singers such as Paul Kelly and Josh Pyke. Who do you draw inspiration from in your sound?
I do listen to a lot of singer/songwriters and Paul Kelly is a huge influence on me. Another guy who I’ve been listening to a lot of the past few years is William Crighton. I love telling stories and giving the listener something to think about.
You have the Double Denim Double Launch coming up at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on February 11 with Miss May. Have you enjoyed the event collaboration experience and are you looking forward to that show?
The launch is going to be a great night. We both have a pretty big following in the area. Miss May and I are going to do a set together at the end of the night which should be cool. Both bands will be in double denim and hopefully most of the crowd too.
You have released a regular stream of singles, is there an album drop on the horizon?
We’ve been busy writing and have booked the studio for a few weeks in May. With any luck there should be an album out late September.
When & Where: 7 INCH VINYL SINGLE LAUNCH Sunday 11th February – Sookie Lounge – Belgrave