United Nations of Sounds

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United Nations of Sounds

Splendour in the Grass will serve as the perfect little warm-up for the monster tour of international all-star collective Xavier Rudd and the United Nations. As the name of the band suggests, the merry little band of like-minded musicians combines the cultures of Australia, Indigenous Australia, South Africa, Samoa, Germany and Papua New Guinea. The tour shines a light on ‘Flag’, the second single lifted from their debut album Nanna. Frontman, Xavier Rudd: “In a time when Australia is digging deep, marching together and standing strong for our threatened communities in the Northwest and simply the long-awaited need for positive change for reconciliation in our country, I feel the spirit of this band is very important. This album, this tour, this family, The United Nations is an example energetically and spiritually of where we need to be as a nation. We will be touring regional places in Australia; some we’ve never been to, some we haven’t been for a long time, in order to deliver this message and celebrate the energy of one people with our fellow Australians. It’s time to Boogie!” The Capital, Bendigo – September 15 & Costa Hall, Geelong – September 18.