Two Sugars

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Two Sugars

cheap 2Owning a successful restaurant can be tough, and there are many who just can’t perfect the right vibe to succeed. Two Sugars restaurant owners, Nick and Rosie Criscione and Joe and Silvana Tripodi, seem to have skipped this struggle as their second venue opened on Pakington St a few months ago.
The Pakington St venue is in addition to the popular Highton eatery, which became known in the region for giving customers the real Italian experience at an affordable price. The venue certainly goes all out in achieving this, as most of the waiters speak Italian or are actually from Italy.
While the vibe can be felt as soon as you step foot into the venue, it culminates when your meal is dished up. With plenty of authentic Italian cuisines from varying regions of Italy, there’s plenty of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Come in early for a sweet breakfast and coffee to fill you up or later in the day to choose from a selection of pasta dishes or main meals. Part of the whole experience is watching your meals be prepared, and this is made possible with the pizza-making station and oven tucked in the corner of the venue.
Two Sugars also caters to those with food allergies or dietary requirements, with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options scattered throughout the menu.
146 Pakington St, Geelong West / ph: 03 5221 0377
65 Barrabool Rd, Highton / ph: 03 5244 5711