Turn your passion into a career with the new Communication and Creative Arts courses reigniting the state’s creative spark 

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Turn your passion into a career with the new Communication and Creative Arts courses reigniting the state’s creative spark 

Experiencing the magnetic pull of the creative industries? Deakin University’s new suite of degrees is for you. 

Whether you’ve always dreamed of becoming a designer, artist or photographer, you’re ready to pursue that burning passion for writing and dive into working life as a journalist, or if you’ve always had a creative itch, but never really understood how to channel it, we just might have found the perfect path for you. 

Deakin University has launched a new suite of degrees within its renowned and reimagined School of Communication and Creative Arts (CCA)

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The new programs, being taught in early 2023, comprise several diverse, industry-informed disciplines allowing students to specialise in areas across the school, cultivating their passions and developing their communication and creative practices.

The new CCA suite includes the Bachelor of Communication; Bachelor of Creative Arts; Bachelor of Design; and Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation.

Allowing the future movers and shakers of the creative industry to explore their dream fields, the new suite has merged 17 of Deakin’s degrees into four incredible degrees with in-built majors, minors and electives. You’ll find 16 different majors alone, spanning from 3D animation design, dance, drama and journalism, to advertising, public relations and literary studies, among others. 

“You can absolutely still study all of the individual discipline areas in the school via the majors and minors,” Head of School of Communication and Creative Arts Professor Matt Delbridge explains. 

“For example, if you’re interested in studying Journalism, you enrol in the Bachelor of Communication and undertake the Journalism major, or similarly if you’re interested in studying Drama you enrol in the Bachelor of Creative Arts and take the major in Drama. 

“What’s unique about the new degrees is that all majors and minors in the school are available to students to build a portfolio of learning and a future career that suits them. Let’s take Journalism as the example again – you might be interested in a career as a photojournalist, so you might consider enrolling in either the Bachelor of Creative Arts or the Bachelor of Communication and taking a major in Photography and a second major in Journalism (or vice versa). 

“You might want to pursue a career in Visual Effects for the Screen Industry, so you enrol in the Bachelor of Film/TV and Animation, take a major in Animation and a second major in Design. You also might take a major in Screen Production, a minor in scriptwriting, and a minor in Animation – the opportunities are endless.”

With this game-changing shakeup to the course structure, future students are granted the option of self-discovery. The umbrella of creative arts and communication is undeniably huge, and while there might be a passion driving you, this course allows you to explore exactly where to place yourself in the industry.

Giving students the best chance at sustaining a rewarding career in an industry that they love, Deakin has placed itself as a one-stop-shop for students broadening their skill sets and continuing to learn widely about the field they’re entering. 

From immersing themselves in specialty learning spaces including a professional TV studio, darkroom and film scanning facilities, newsroom, gallery spaces, visual arts and design studios, or becoming equipped with the skills and tools to craft compelling stories to affect meaningful change, CCA students go from daydreaming about success to actually being at the top of their industry. 

A university at the forefront of technology, Deakin is further offering CCA students the opportunity to fire up their imagination and get their creative juices flowing with access to state-of-the-art virtual production technology.

Deakin University has long been a University that excels in providing students with real industry experience and that remains at the heart of this innovative course design, with the built-in focus for Your Future Career. Here, learning creatives are supported by academics who are also accomplished and practising creative professionals, helping to nurture your passion with other impact-focused creatives, makers, and practitioners, explore fresh perspectives and above all, master your creativity. 

“All of our staff come from the industry in some way shape or form, and all have also studied at university. In my own example, I was a Stage Manager for a long time before joining the university system, and I still work in the Theatre today on high-profile projects,” Delbridge says. 

“Each degree [in the new CCA suite] has three units of in-built Work Integrated Learning, that’s an opportunity each year of study to engage with one of our industry partners (like Dream Screen Australia) to gain real-world experience and apply the skills developed within your degree.”

While the internet and social media might have us believe that our ideal job is a mere pipe dream, Deakin, one of Australia’s leading institutions in Communication and Creative Arts, can help career-minded creatives express their truth, make a difference and realise their creative arts dreams.

From design and user experience, film and animation, visual art and photography to digital media and dance, advertising and creative writing, visual arts and journalism, animation and photography – your options are endless when it comes to pursuing a career you love. 

So go on, push your boundaries. Explore. This is the time to do all that. To really self-discover. And if you’re not sure where to start, Delbridge offers a lasting piece of advice to “follow your heart, dip into that area of passion that motivates you to get moving in the morning.”

The new Communication and Creative Arts (CCA) suite is available from Trimester 1 2023. Applications are now open.

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