Tubular Bells for Two returns for one final tour for 50th anniversary

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Tubular Bells for Two returns for one final tour for 50th anniversary

One album. Two men. Too many instruments.

Tubular Bells; it’s the famous 1973 master-work by composer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield at the age of 19, which has gone on to become a rare example of a legitimate rock symphony.

With its grand structure (one 49-minute piece split on two sides of vinyl) and complex approach toward harmony and meter, the album was the first release on Richard Branson’s fledgling record label, Virgin Records and went on to sell over 30 million copies – kick-starting the Virgin empire – and becoming the soundtrack to the cult-classic film, The Exorcist.

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It’s a classic, and it’s a classic that inspired two young Australian multi-instrumentalists to present this modern masterpiece in a challenging live event  50 years since its creation, performing every part live with only four hands and four feet between them.

Heading to Melbourne in September, Tubular Bells for Two returns to the stage for one final tour in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Mike Oldfield’s seminal work.

Taking to the Playhouse on 8-9 September, the show will see two blokes juggle over 20 instruments live on stage in a spellbinding performance.

With the duo literally rushed off their feet as they rush around a sea of instruments (pianos, organs, electric guitars, acoustic and Spanish guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, tuned percussion, drums, glockenspiel, loop pedals, synthesisers) to replicate the masterpiece, Tubular Bells for Two is truly an intricately choreographed, thrilling 70 minute piece of tightrope theatre. Things can go wrong at any moment, and the slightest mistake or misplaced limb can bring the entire show crashing to a halt.

Regardless of whether you’re a Tubular Bells virgin, or long-time fan, Tubular Bells for Two is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

It is one of the most innovative musical performances to grace the stage in many years.

See it at The Playhouse at Melbourne Arts Centre from 8-9 September. Find out more and get tickets here.