Trippie Redd proves hip hop is not dead with A Love Letter To You 4

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Trippie Redd proves hip hop is not dead with A Love Letter To You 4

The release of A Love Letter To You 4 comes at an interesting point of change and development for Trippie Redd. The rapper, whose breakthrough was only two years ago, is currently on the fourth release of a wildly successful mixtape series (not to mention two studio albums in) – the steam definitely has not disappeared here.

Working with producers including Pi’erre Bourne, Nick Mira and DJ Paul, A Love Letter To You 4 comes bolstered with talent, such has become a trademark of Trippie Redd releases. One of the young artists who has become synonymous with the emo-rap upswing, Trippie Redd’s inner-workings are delved into even further with this new record.

Already released singles ‘Death’ and ‘Love Me More’ were quick to whip fans up into a frenzy online, while in their standalone forms, each song provides an emotive look at how Trippie approaches his craft. At 20 tracks, A Love Letter To You 4 is by no means a quick listen, but it is worth sitting with the record as a whole – let the tracks sink in with you, and you may be surprised by how much you get from the experience.

Even for older hip hop heads like myself, there are moments on this record where you can be swayed. Hip Hop as it is, may not be dead after all.

The 20-year-old has made a name for himself for bucking against hip hop convention that has been well established for him. Associations with the Playboi Cartis, the 6ix9ines and the XXXTenatacions aside, Trippie Redd indicates that he may have longevity in the bag when it comes to producing records that have substance and allure to a young and eager demographic of hip hop fan. Feelings of melancholy and being lovelorn interweave with raucous and hectic melodies, while his flow is executed with flair.

Trippie Redd’s A Love Letter To You 4 isn’t just a continuation of the three mixtapes that have formed the backbone of his body of work. It’s a sign that he isn’t slowing down. No, even with all these records to his name, Trippie Redd is only just getting started.

Reviewed by Sosefina Fuamoli