Traces Photography Exhibition

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Traces Photography Exhibition

Naturally, there comes a time when we leave things behind. Whether it’s intentionally as a memento for others, or something more accidental like forgotten toys, we all leave something at one point or another. It’s the things we leave behind and the possible absence to begin with, that Jack Griffiths and Natalie Evans have explored in their newest photography exhibition.
Was the concept of ‘Traces’ something you worked towards when taking your images or did it just fit the content well afterwards? 
Natalie: I had the idea in mind as I was shooting. We were given the theme of “absence and presence” and my work grew from there.
How long did it take you to capture the images? 
Eight weeks.
As the exhibition is titled ‘Traces’ and looks at the things we leave behind, have you always been aware of these things or did you only really become to notice them in the process of taking the pictures? 
The absence of things, and particularly the absence of people, has always interested me. The celebration of the mundane in everyday life is a common theme in my work and I continued this in my images for ‘Traces’.
What are some things that you’ve left behind? 
I left my coat at a friend’s place the other night… I can be a bit forgetful sometimes!
Many of your pictures have stories behind them. Do you know the stories or have you managed to create stories in the place of what the real ones may be?
I only know the stories behind a few of the images I’ve captured for this series, but it’s hard not to imagine the stories behind the others. I’d rather leave them open for interpretation as everyone sees things differently, and I want people to imagine things for themselves.
Is there a picture from your series that you’re particularly proud of and if so why?
I’m usually most proud of images that capture a moment in time organically rather than being staged, so for this reason my favourite is the photo of the kids’ bikes in the caravan park.
What are you hoping for the audience to take away from looking at your images? 
I want people to imagine the life or lives behind my images; to see these traces of things and imagine who left them behind.
Anything you’d like to add?
I’d like to say a big thank you to Jess Costa from Courthouse Youth Arts for being amazing and organising everything, and to Jack for being a great exhibition partner!
When & Where: Traces is on display at Courthouse Arts Gallery until October 14