5 Sega Master System Games That Defined My Childhood

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5 Sega Master System Games That Defined My Childhood


Everyone remembers this as the game that was built into the console, and in a time when copyrighting games wasn’t really a thing, getting a game for FREE was amazing! I honestly still remember the first time I discovered it. I was about to play Sonic and after forgetting to do the standard “blow dust from the cartridge” routine, I was surprised when suddenly this new game appeared on my screen. Initially I remember being quite distraught, thinking somebody had “taped over” my copy of Sonic (taping over was the pre-2000 version of wiping a hard drive). However then it happened. The music. The simplicity. The rock-paper-scissor battles. Amazing.


A very underrated game. Honestly, most of my friends nowadays had never even heard of it before I showed them. It may seem repetitive at times, but Transbot is the textbook definition of addictive. Start playing it now, before you know it, it’ll be tomorrow.


The amount of hours I spent playing this is both impressive and kind of sad at the same time. It’s understandable though, since this game starring the cast of Ducktales is pure fun. The TV show was a favourite of mine as a kid (the theme song still holds up today), so getting the opportunity to play as Donald as you try and rescue your nephews from Magica De Spell, was always an exciting experience. I do remember the game having a disappointing end credits sequence though, not as in the gameplay, just the storytelling. Regardless, check this game out if you haven’t already.


If you’ve owned a Sega, you’ve played this game. Besides the next entry on this list (have one guess what it is) Wonderboy was a quintessential for your collection. I’d ask you to try and remember the music, but I’m afraid you’d be left humming it for the next three days. I guess that’s not a bad thing though. There’s nothing all too groundbreaking about the gameplay; you collect fruit for health whilst using a hammer to kill a random mix of villains (including some strange looking “natives”) If you plan on playing it tonight, just remember one thing; hold down 1+2 to double-jump. Don’t worry it’ll make sense when trying to reach those bananas.


Dare I call it THE game for the Sega Master System? I’m sure that’ll outrage some people, but when I was growing up this was the epitome for me. Combining the ability to speed through the air collecting coins (special mentions to the bonus levels), rescuing baby animals from Dr Robotnik, along with the heart-in-mouth Castle levels, this game had it all. Oh and how could I forget the incredible Jungle music!?

My best memories of Sonic are watching my late Uncle Peter actually clock the game. I saw him as a gaming god. If I couldn’t pass something; pause and get Uncle Peter to do it.

Written by Dando. Supplied by TorrentThisTV

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