TORRENT THIS: 14 Useless Facts About 'Round The Twist'

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TORRENT THIS: 14 Useless Facts About 'Round The Twist'

1. The show’s theme song was in fact sung by the original actress to play Linda Twist, Tamsin West.
2. Tamsin West only played Linda in Season One.
3. There was a three year gap between Season One and Season Two (1989-1992)
4. There was an even bigger gap after Season Two. Season Three didn’t air until 2000.
5. After the show, the original Pete Twist, Sam Vanderberg formed an ’80s cover band called ’80s Enough.
6. A Round the Twist movie was nearly made, but due to “creative differences”, nothing ever eventuated.
7. Before creating the show, Paul Jennings worked as a teacher and speech therapist.
8. The Split Point Lighthouse in Aireys Inlet, Victoria (where the exterior shots were filmed) has become a popular tourist
attraction. Tours can be booked to have a look around the iconic lighthouse.
9. Paul Jennings made a cameo playing Benjamin Byron in the episode ‘Without My Pants.’
10. Despite becoming one of the ABC’s most popular shows of the ’90s, Round The Twist actually started on Channel 7.
11. The original Bronson, Rodney McLennan, joined the Australian Army in 1997.
12. Jeffrey Walker, who played Bronson in Season Two, went on to be a director, working on over 30 episodes of Neighbours.
13. Round The Twist almost didn’t make it to TV. The show’s marketing manager Jenny Buckland has said that the scripts were declared ‘too rude’, ‘not for television’ and ‘outrageous’.
14. And finally, a fact that’s sure to bring a smile to all of your faces, the original Round The Twist website is still active and can be checked out at
Written by Dando.