Torquay local Tess Guthrie drops debut single ‘WUTO’

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Torquay local Tess Guthrie drops debut single ‘WUTO’

Luxuriate in Tess Guthrie’s debut single ‘WUTO’ (Were You The One). Reminiscent of Eva Cassidy, the Melbourne-based singer has blessed us with her pure, ethereal voice. Starting off with minimal instrumentals, ‘WUTO’ climatically leads into a rich chorus combining indie and country vibes. With lyrics that relate to the everyday wavering heart, and a voice that ranges from gentle to verve, Tess takes us on a four-minute journey that seems to unify our struggles with hers, and really feel her honest lyrics.

In her own words: “I love the feeling of playing music, and playing with other people and having a place to put all my feels where if I leave them long enough in the musical-oven a song comes out…and I love that you can sing about shit that’s hard to talk about.” If you’re in need of musical therapy, Tess is your girl.

Check it out below.

The artist first gained substantial recognition back in 2011 after winning the Apollo Bay Music Festival’s young songwriters award. She then went on a three-year hiatus to develop both academically and personally, returning with a new fiery passion for meaningful music that hits your soul, releasing a sort of song and speech hybrid about women in abusive relationships. ‘WUTO’, also exploring the complex arena of relationships, will soon be accompanied by its own music video which Tess plans to shoot in her hometown Torquay. The local singer/songwriter has performed many local gigs including Geelong’s Nightjar Festival earlier in the year.

There’ll be a launch show for ‘WUTO’ in Melbourne later on in the year.

Keep your eyes (and ears) on this girl!

Written by Naseem Radmehr