Top Tips for Cheap Skates

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Top Tips for Cheap Skates

– When filling up at the bowser, pay in cash and always put 20.02 cents in – the .02 cents will be rounded down. It might not seem like much at the time but do it 100 times in a year and that’s $2 you have saved.

– Turn the car off and roll down the hill to save fuel.

– Dodge a round. Gleefully take drinks during a drinking session at the pub, then once it gets to your round, pretend that an unexpected emergency all of a sudden has to draw you away, thus skipping a shout and keeping your wallet healthy.

– Hit up the local bakery at 4:52pm every day to find the cheap bread and pies they are getting rid of. They may be a little crusty around the edges but who doesn’t like a cheap pie?

– Go to the Eureka on Thursdays. Not only is it an awesome venue, but they have some very affordable drink prices. Same with Workers Club on a Tuesday.

– Enter competitions. Enter as many comps a day as you can. Even if it’s just for a free Snickers bar, over the course of the year your winnings may add up to $500 or so.

– Read Forte Magazine. Every issue we have freebies and listings of deals on food and tickets – stay smart locally.

– When you go out for dinner say; ‘I’m not really hungry’. Then when your friends don’t finish their meals, combine the leftovers. You may get more than the size of the original meal you were going to order in the first place, and you’ll get to sample several items off the menu.

– Get used to the shitty brands. If you only eat and drink shitty brands, then your body will adjust and you’ll start thinking they’re top shit. Plus, they’re cheap

– Grow your own veggies. No actually don’t.. it will just end up an overgrown weed patch after two months and you’ll feel guilty about not committing to the process.