Top Geelong Bookstores

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Top Geelong Bookstores

It wasn’t all that long ago that Geelong barely had any book stores at all. And if you asked the experts, this was to be expected: printed books were on the way out and the collapse of both Angus & Robinson (who also owned Borders) and Collins book chains were just collateral damage. Shows what they know. Printed book sales have stabilised and show no signs of vanishing, and books stores – both Australia wide and in Geelong – are on their way back. Don’t believe us? Just check out the following list:

Barwon Books: For a while there this second-hand book store was the only book store in Geelong. Fortunately, it’s an excellent one, with a first-class range covering just about any topic you can think of (and they often have new release titles there too if you look around). As a used book store, they can’t order in a title they don’t have, but that’s balanced out by their extensive range of books you can’t get anywhere else – not to mention their low prices, which are usually half that of the book’s original cost. And if you’re not sure what you’re after, their friendly staff know exactly what they’re doing and can steer you in the right direction.

Gifts for The Geek: It’s been a long time since anyone seriously tried to claim that comic books – uh, make that “graphic novels” – weren’t a valid form of literature. As Geelong’s number one comic book store, Gifts for the Geek has an extensive range of graphic novels, ranging from the latest titles and collections from superhero publishers Marvel and DC to a number of small press and independent titles. Whether you’re an old-time Judge Dredd fan, just want to read the further adventures of Deadpool or are interested in less fight-orientated titles like indie hit Giant Days, this is the place to go.

Dymocks (Market Square and Westfield): Dymocks’ Geelong branches are the first stop for any serious reader. They’re fully stocked with all the latest titles and a solid backlist if you’re after one of the classics. There’s a huge range of children’s books and non-fiction on offer too, plus a range of SBS titles on DVD. And both Dymocks stores in Geelong feature an in-store newsagent with a full range of magazines, stationary and greeting cards. If you’re after a best-seller or something new, or even if you’re just in the mood to browse and see what your favourite authors have come up with, this is the place to visit.

Paton Books: A cosy bookshop located just off Pakington Street down the Chilwell shopping strip end, Paton Books prides itself on its curated selection of Australian and international titles. With a range of literary magazines also on offer, it’s a must for those interested in the more arty end of Australian literature – though there’s plenty of mainstream reading on offer too. And with an extensive selection of children’s books on the shelves, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to start someone off on a life of reading.

Written and selected by Anthony Morris

Photo: Paton Books