Top Five Etsy Buys

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Top Five Etsy Buys

Etsy is the online land of the creative, where pop up art stores relish in showcasing their creative designs made with love. It’s also known as being really expensive (sometimes overpriced) but if you’re into unique artisan handmade pieces, or just want a perusal of what it’s offering – I’ve compiled a list! So make like Jessie J and forget about the price tag, ain’t about the ch-ch-ching cha-ching (even though it really is)…

1. Chunky Knit Throw
These are the chunky knit throws that are literally knitted together with broomsticks – it’s that huge. This is at the top of the money pile, but if you’re looking to invest here’s a good start. Plus they’re so pretty!
Store: Knit Couture Co
Coin: $$$-$$$$

CREDIT Minky Moo Ceramics

2. Tripod Animal Planters
Plants are all the rage, and so are the pots they come in. And let me say these ceramic pots in the shapes of various cute animals are so damn cute that you can fudge the price. Check out these beauties because you can’t put a price on PURE JOY.
Store: Minky Moo Ceramics
Coin: $$


3. Mini Zine (Messages from your friends upon the announcement of your breakup)
This is such a fun and cute idea. If you or your mate are nursing a broken heart, this very inexpensive mini zine is the perfect pick me up. Filled with quotes and little emojis from comments on FB, it’s silly and fun enough to make anyone laugh!
Store: Awkward Ladies Club
Coin: $

CREDIT CosmicFirefly

4. Robot Cufflinks & Tie Bar
If you’re into steampunk or just want to look cool AF the next time you’re in a suit and tie, get your mitts on these silver robot cufflinks and tie bar that will make you the envy of, let’s be real, everyone. Plus, it’ll inspire you to bring out those robot dance moves.
Store: CosmicFirefly
Coin: $$

CREDIT  kirraleeandco

5. Hanging shelf with hole thing
Made of reclaimed timber, this shelf hangs perfectly on the wall with just one nail! There’s a cute hole in it where you can put a test tube vase or greenery of some kind, making it the ultimate wall statement!
Store: kirraleeandco
Coin: $$$

Selected and written by Caitlin Haddad