Top 5 TikTok creators making waves

Top 5 TikTok creators making waves

Perth based producer and songwriter Nic Rollo has just put out his killer new single ‘Monster’. It’s an eerie but catchy one; absolutely magnetic synth-pop for fans of Cub Sport, Troye Sivan and Halsey. It’ll touch a nerve with anyone who has ever said anything in anger that they regretted later.

With the track out, Nic sat down with us and shared his top 5 TikTok creators!

#1 – Nic Rollo @nicrollomusic
Am I allowed to say myself here as a shameless plug? Let’s assume so. If you haven’t already, you should go check out my TikTok account (nicrollomusic). I post such a large variety of videos, from music related to more ‘funny’ stuff. Is it a bit cringey at times? Yes. Am I ashamed of it? A little bit sometimes. Will you enjoy it? Definitely.

#2 – Edgar @edgar
I came across Edgar a few months back when I was just starting on TikTok. He was making a lot of ‘how to make a song like x person’ videos, which would always seem to blow up. They were pretty funny and actually sounded quite good. More recently he’s been capitalising on TikTok with a new song that he released which is currently blowing up, it’s impressive and inspiring to watch! Check him out if you want to laugh and also be informed (to some degree) on music production.

#3 – Carson Smelliot @carsonsmelliot
If you think vocoders and talkboxes are cool, you’ll love this guy. He posts videos of him using his talkbox singing popular songs, and honestly it’s so entertaining… There’s something fantastic about hearing an ultra processed vocal. He’s another HUGE account, with over 1.9 million followers (Edgar has about 1.2 million).

#4 – Jeff Couret @jeffcouret
He’s got nothing to do with music, but he posts many times a day about how to improve your TIkTok game through strategies for capitalising on the algorithm, improving your creative, and also other cool tips and tricks. I’ve really enjoyed learning from Jeff, he definitely seems to know what he’s talking about! If you’re interested in making videos on the platform and want to up your game, watch this guy, it’ll be worth it I promise!

#5 – Jack Higgins #jackhiggins910
I recently found Jack’s account and I’ve been really enjoying the videos he posts. It’s either him singing and playing guitar, or just playing guitar, and it’s always good. He’s 17 from New Zealand and I reckon he’ll be killing it in a few months/years time. I wish I’d been 17 when TIkTok was starting, what a blessing. Go check him out if you have an account, I think you’ll enjoy his content!

In the meantime, enjoy Monster.