Top 5 Places in Australia to ‘Lay In The Sun’, as told by Michael Dunstan

Top 5 Places in Australia to ‘Lay In The Sun’, as told by Michael Dunstan

Michael Dunstan has revealed the stunning acoustic version of his single ‘Lay In The Sun’.

Earning a reputation as Australia’s answer to Jack Johnson due to his pensive lyrics and strummed melodies, Perth folk artist Michael Dunstan continues to soothe our souls with his hauntingly beautiful rendition of his hit single ‘Lay In The Sun’, lifted from his album The Grand Scheme released earlier this year.

With his dreamy melodies, laid-back vibes and a voice like honey, the heartfelt acoustic is a timely reminder to appreciate the beauty in life, especially when everything feels overwhelming and without purpose.

“[This song] is a casual musing regarding the realisation that simply experiencing and being, will always bring more value to my life than any achievement,” Michael explains.

“It’s a warm ode to honouring your own passion or pursuing a lifestyle that makes you happy, rather than ‘living this life to build a portfolio’ merely to validate your existence in the eyes of another and I’ll do that to the day I die.”

To celebrate the release, Michael Dunstan was kind enough to share his Top 5 Places in Australia to ‘Lay In The Sun’ (as well as his flair for photography might I add).

1. Exmouth, Western Australia
It’s not unusual to travel to Exmouth in winter for a fortnight or so, to only count a few days that you can see a cloud. The waters of the Ningaloo Reef are always absolutely teaming with life, the water is warm and the days even in the middle of winter cruise close to 30c.

There’s no place else I’ve been where you can lay on the beach and watch whales breach all day, turtles appear close to shore, and if the wind comes in you can explore the beautiful Ranges or head to the other side of the Cape to seek a sheltered beach.

Whether it be relaxing, surfing, fishing, hiking or adventuring, Exmouth is an isolated haven that will humble you for a long time with it’s scale and beauty.

If you’re driving up north to Exmouth, make sure to detour to check out Shell Beach; red dirt, white shells for as far as the eye can see, not to mention pristine turquoise waters.

2. Cape LeGrande, Esperance Western Australia
The best beaches in Australia live here. Towering headlands facing in all different directions, and the finest white sand you could imagine; meaning you can find a protected crystal clear beach on almost any wind condition. The sand squeaks underneath your feet, and there’s a few beaches here too such as Lucky Bay that have resident Kangaroo’s lazing around in the sun.

The only reason this is number 2 on the list, is because of it’s location on the fickle South Coast of Western Australia. It could be 34c one day, and 18c the next three. Time it right, and you’ll be pinching yourself!

3. Lorne, VIC
Lorne and it’s surrounding little nooks and cranny’s have a special aura that washes over you as soon as you arrive. We often stop through the area for a period of 3 or 4 days when touring through, and just cherish the slower pace and beautiful vibe the town has.

For me personally, it’s a place that I feel incredibly content doing absolutely nothing and laying down at the front beach for long periods each day. When it’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and when it’s busy, it feels like there is a little spark in the air. Also a beautiful spot to base yourself for a day mission out to surf around Johanna; the power of that area really makes you feel alive.

4. Rottnest Island, Western Australia
Rotto! A beautiful island just 30 minutes ferry ride from Perth, WA but is absolutely worlds away from the stress and hustle of the city. The Island boasts some incredible reef and rock formations creating beautiful protected rock pools for swimming on the north side of the island, and powerful wave setups on the south side of the island. Wake up, check the wind, and ride your bike to the calmest looking cove. Good chance you’ll enjoy it to yourself and just a few others if you ride out of the settlement a little.

My most recent stay over here was a 2 week stop-over with family. I was taken back by the kindness of people to strangers, and the genuine content that seemed to be shared by all the visitors enjoying their surrounds. It inspired a track called ‘Smiling At Strangers’ off the debut album ‘In The Grand Scheme’ and will always be a special place to visit.

5. Second Valley, South Australia
While touring in March 2020, I stopped over to visit my sister in South Australia whom had booked a long weekend of camping in Second Valley. It’s not somewhere I had ever heard of, nor seen pictures.

When I arrived, I was impressed. When I left, I was a little baffled. With golden rolling hills, a beautiful jetty and one small caravan park, there’s not much to do but kick back and really enjoy the company of friends and appreciate the landscape.

A few days in, I discovered the walk over the top of the headland, which led to a number of breath-taking views which were right on the cliffs edge basically. All of this, just a short walk from my swag. A very special spot to sit on top of those cliffs in the sun, soak up some silence and watch swimmers and kayakers seemingly turn into little black specks. Will be returning!

All pictures taken by Michael except for Lorne, which was captured by Pat Devlin.