Our top five Jim Carrey comedy movies

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Our top five Jim Carrey comedy movies

Can you tell we've been watching The Grinch?


This was the film that first introduced me to Carrey. Here he played a pet detective trying to find the kidnapped Miami Dolphins mascot, in what has been referred to as the launching pad for his career. What keeps this at the bottom of the list is, although he fits the role perfectly, Carrey’s over-exaggerated acting style gets a little irritating in certain scenes – even for me. In saying that, the “sound proof glass door” scene is absolutely hilarious.

4. THE MASK (1994)

The movie that made Cameron Diaz a megastar. Despite being released in 1994, I still feel the ground breaking special effects still hold up today. It was as if the comic book character was written specifically for Carrey’s brand of humour, and casting him paid in two-fold, as it was one of the highest grossing films of the year, and the second highest grossing superhero film at the time behind Batman. There really was no other man who could have been more suited to headline this film.

3. LIAR LIAR (1997)

I never understood why so many people didn’t like this movie. Granted the premise is ridiculous and unrealistic, but it’s a movie, so stop complaining. Whilst his reactions to not being able to lie are about as wacky as can be (particularly when he proceeds to beat the shit out of himself in the men’s room) but you can’t deny this film has heart. One of Carrey’s first more mature roles, showing he isn’t all just funny faces and crazy voices. The funny thing about the film is that my favourite part isn’t until after the end credits start rolling, where we get one of the best blooper reels of all time. It’s Carrey at his improv finest.

2. DUMB & DUMBER (1994)

1994 truly was Carrey’s defining year, but out of everything he starred in, this was the film that delivered best. I’ll go out on a limb and say that this is the most globally acclaimed movie on this list. You’d be hard-pressed to know anyone who can’t quote this movie in some way – there’s just so many great moments. Carrey and Daniels deliver a once in a lifetime chemistry that results in an absolute comedy classic. However, let’s just forget about the sequels/prequels that followed.


Now some of you may sit there and say that this isn’t a comedy movie, but I beg to differ. Obviously, there isn’t exactly a flurry of punchlines, but the premise and situations the characters find themselves in are certainly laugh out loud funny. Years ahead of its time, it’s incredible to think that this movie was made before the reality TV era even really began. What’s even crazier is that this was intended to be a satirical look at the direction television was heading, however, 17 years after its release, the idea of a 24-hour program following one man’s “constructed” life doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.

I never grow tired of this film. Carrey is masterful as Truman Burbank, proving once and for all that he can indeed “act”. The Truman Show is, and will forever be, my favourite Jim Carrey movie.

Written by Dando. Courtesy of Torrent This TV. To read more pop culture nostalgia and reviews head to the official website.