Too Heavy To Hug #662

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Too Heavy To Hug #662

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If you have a spare fifteen bucks you want to put towards a proper good cause then look no further than Kingdom Of Kai, an Australian metal compilation CD out now. Renowned rock photographer Mick Goddard’s son, Kai Goddard, was born on May 27, 2008, with a hole in his heart and his liver on the outside of his body, and survived the one in four chance of making it. After his birth, Kai underwent four surgeries to put his liver back in his body and fix his heart. Many complications followed including a collapsed lung and his liver dislodged. All in all, this young boy spent his first 80 days of his life in hospital. Then, still in his first year of life, during his fifth operation, little Kai suffered a major heart attack, was placed on a blood pumping machine for 11 days and again survived. Kai still experiences constant health issues, requires round the clock care and attention, and undergoes numerous operations.

Mick Goddard and guitarist Stu Marshall have put together Kingdom Of Kai, a compilation album where all tracks have been donated by Aussie metal bands (Lord, Taberah, Vanishing Point, Silent Knight Mason and many more), the artwork and design donated by All Things Rotten, and all of the proceeds of the sale of the compilation will contribute to the massive and mounting medical costs the Goddard family is facing. The compilation is now available from and for only fifteen bucks (plus postage) you get some great local metal and you’re doing a fantastic thing by supporting young Kai (who will soon be nine) and his family. Heck, buy two, one for you and one for someone who wouldn’t buy it because they don’t know about Kai and they may not like metal, and bring them in to the world of metal.

In other news

Ayreon will release their new album The Source on Friday April 28.

God Dethroned will release their new album The World Ablaze on Friday May 5.

Hate will release their new album Tremendum on Friday May 5.

Dead Letter Circus will release The Endless Mile, a collection of songs reimagined, on Friday May 12.

Sydney black metal band Somnium Nox will release their debut album Terra Inanis on Monday May 15.

Below will release their new album Upon A Pale Horse on Friday May 19.

Dragonforce will release their new album Reaching Into Infinity on Friday May 19 and the band will play 170 Russell on Wednesday June 21.

Devin Townsend Project will return to Oz and play Melbourne’s 170 Russell on Wednesday May 24 which is sold out, but a second show has been announced at the same venue for Tuesday May 23.

Solstafir will release their new album Berdreyminn on Friday May 26.

Winter’s Eve 2017 featuring Holy Serpent, El Colosso, Agonhymn, Merchant and many others will be at The Eastern in Ballarat on Saturday May 27. A portion of the door charge will be donated to the local soup bus.

Sikth will release their new album The Future In Whose Eyes? on Friday June 2.

Anathema will release their new album The Optimist on Friday June 9.

Primordial will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Friday July 7.

If you have any news about local metal bands, shows or albums, let THTH know by

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Written by Paul S Taylor