Too Heavy to Hug #633

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Too Heavy to Hug #633

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently ran an article entitled The Weird Global Appeal of Heavy Metal and it’s a pretty good piece that touches on how metal is created by artists from all over the world and is also consumed by metal fans all over the world – regardless of culture, race and language. The article also mentions how metal fans are also more likely to collect and purchase CDs, vinyls and band t­shirts.

Whilst this is the sort of stuff we already know, the main point of the article goes on to suggest that people in developing nations with disposable incomes, more leisure time and a readily accessible internet connection and electricity are starting metal bands.

Because of the global appeal of metal, larger bands like Iron Maiden are playing more and more countries every time they tour, and new bands are cropping up in those same countries that are developing.

It’s good to see that heavy metal is growing all over the world and more and more people from all backgrounds are embracing it, but what’s also happening is, it may seem, is one of the finer points of heavy metal might be getting missed, the point that heavy metal is seen to be the music of the “disenfranchised”, “down trodden”, and what not. But to make metal you must first have talented musicians with enough money for instruments, and the technology required to put out an album on band camp. Ironically, the true “disenfranchised” don’t have the means to make music about their situation, so there must be a certain level of “development” in a country where one can truly take the time to look at the situation they’re in to find fault.

It’s that, or, maybe heavy metal is truly on the path to becoming more of a global high brow art that only the minority of the intellectually privileged can enjoy, like opera in the past.

In other news

From Ashes To New will release their Day One album on Friday March 4.

The Mummies will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Wednesday March 9.

Buckcherry will play 170 Russell on Monday March 14.

Sun 0))) will be at Melbourne’s Max Watts on Wednesday March 16.

Spiritual Beggars will release their new album Sunrise To Sundown on Friday March 18.

Sevendust will be at 170 Russell on Friday March 18.

I Exalt and Justice For The Damned will play Melbourne’s Bang on Saturday March 26 (18+) and an all ages show at Wrangler on Sunday March 27.

Amon Amarth will release their 10th studio album, Jomsviking on Friday March 25.

Black Stone Cherry will release their fifth album Kentucky on Friday April 1.

Deftones will release their new album Gore on Friday April 8.

Five Finger Death Punch will play an all ages show at Festival Hall on Wednesday April 20.

Iron Maiden will be flying into Oz on their Ed Force One (piloted, of course by Bruce Dickinson). Melbourne’s show will be at Rod Laver on Saturday May 9.

Spanish thrash metallers Angelus Apatrida will play Melbourne’s Bendigo Hotel on Saturday May 28.

Death Dealer will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Monday June 12.

If you have any news about local metal bands, shows or albums, let THTH know by emailing to [email protected] or get in touch via Twitter at @TooHeavyToHug

Written by Paul S Taylor