Too Heavy To Hug [#585]

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Too Heavy To Hug [#585]

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It appears a conclusion has been reached in metal’s most mundane, bitter, childish legal spats no one really gives a shit about: the one that owns the Queensrÿche moniker.
THTH has been following this saga for the years it has spanned. We here at THTH are super tired, so for one last time let’s recap: Geoff Tate, original vocalist for the band, was fired in 2012 after 30 years of fronting the prog group. Apparently, Geoff’s wife and band manager prior to the firing, Susan Tate, was a bit of a bitch with her alleged questionable business practices and similarities to Yoko Ono. Geoff and Susan filed a lawsuit in 2012 asking for the rights to the name Queensrÿche. The remaining members of Queensrÿche – Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield – filed a counter lawsuit against Geoff and Susan, accusing Geoff of violent behaviour and creative obstruction.
Since the filing of the law suits, Geoff Tate and whatever session musos he could find released an album to poor reception and played shows with a bargain basement price tag, while the Queensrÿche consisting of Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield charged more for the shows they played and their album release received a better reception.
Only recently, changes to web pages have been made and Geoff Tate’s states: “Geoff Tate: The Voice of Queensrÿche” and features a link to “Queensrÿche without Geoff Tate”, which directs to
At the time of writing this there’s no official statement out there, but one can only imagine what it’ll say. Actually, let’s imagine: “Geoff Tate, the ultimate ’80s cry baby, will be crying a river after the settlement which has now been finalised.”
What does this drawn out spat really mean to anyone? Well, pretty much nothing. Sure, the newest Queensrÿche album without Tate has received a good reception – and it’ll be hard to expect every other album they release to receive such a good reception while it still sounds like an album from the ’80s. This spat also means that a lot of web-based music media won’t have a big issue to put under the microscope. Most importantly, what this means to everyone concerned is an end to the mess that is this Queensrÿche feud, and in that there are a few lessons we can all learn. Like, don’t start a band with Geoff Tate, bands whose members have wives who want to manage or be a part of the band in any capacity is never a good idea and, lastly, and this is more of a prediction than a lesson, but now that this is resolved I think the whole “whose side are you on” flavour of this will be well worn out, which means the lure of Queensrÿche has run out.
In other news…
Story of the Year will be at 170 Russell on Sunday, June 29.
Body Count will release their new album, Manslaughter, later this year.
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Written by Paul S Taylor