Too busy for life right now?… Read THIS!

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Too busy for life right now?… Read THIS!

Sometimes when someone tells you it straight and it hurts, it’s a labour of love. Like when you choose bangs for the first time and it just doesn’t suit you, someone needs to lovingly tell you.

So with a spirit of love and only best intentions, I need to have a little “chat” to you “busy” people out there, and I’m going to do it via the following quote that sums it up better than I ever could…

“You are 100 fucking percent in charge of your life. Stop. Fucking. Bitching.”

There. I said it!

To be honest, if I have to listen to one more person using “omg I’m just so crazy busy, it’s like hectic around here”, with a whinging tone as an excuse or a valid topic of conversation to show how important they are, I may just lose it.

Let me give you some hard (but loving) truths if this is hitting home for you.

You choose where you live, who you live with, what job you have and what hours you work to support the lifestyle you want.
At ANY time you can quit your job, move pretty much anywhere in the world or simply move to a different state and study your passion! NO ONE is forcing you to do your job, in this city with these people. So if you don’t love your life, change it! But at the least please stop making us listen to your whinging.

You set your schedule.
Be honest with yourself. Sometimes your capacity can’t keep up with your talent. If you need to take things off your plate, be humble enough to do it. Don’t simply keep saying yes to things you can technically “do”, but realistically can’t fit into your schedule.

If you have time to get drunk on the weekends, you’re not that busy.
Full stop. Not only is that time you can be spending doing more important things, but living a wise, healthy life is one of the best ways to ensure you’re a high capacity and reliable human. So take a hard think as to how much your weekend antics are rippling into your week’s ability to be productive with the time you have.

Check your screen time.
Recently, my life has changed and I’ve had to level up. One of the ways I’ve done that is to delete my social media apps for large chunks of the day to increase my productivity. It’s been a small but significant move that’s proven to be a game changer. I delete it every night and wait as long as I can to download it again the next day. Then I’ll happily re-delete it in the afternoon till I have a designed space to be on it later in the night. Try it!

I don’t mean to be crass for crass’ sake. But that quote really is fucking true. So next time you catch yourself whinging about or using your “busyness” as an excuse, check yourself. Because it’s an indicator that some things may need to change, one of which, may simply be your attitude 😉

Till next time y’all!