Toni Childs celebrates three decades of hits

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Toni Childs celebrates three decades of hits

Renowned singer/songwriter Toni Childs sounds a little Forest Gump like as she refers to her latest show as a box of chocolates.

“The show is divided into two parts – first I play the old songs and then move onto the new stuff. It’s like a box of chocolates. You eat the ones you know and love first and then you are ready to try and discover something new,” she said when speaking with Forte Magazine about her current tour ‘Retrospective’.

Toni, an Emmy winner and three-time Grammy nominated recording artist, has launched the tour to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of her album Union. Audiences can enjoy a host of classic hits from all of her albums including Don’t Walk Away, Stop Your Fussin’, Walk and Talk Like Angels, Zimbabwe, Where’s the Ocean, Many Rivers to Cross, I’ve Got To Go Now and Because You’re Beautiful.

The second hour will be an introduction to Toni’s new music from two latest albums It’s All a Beautiful Noise and Citizens of the Planet. Toni says her latest albums were inspired, “by music itself. I love to follow the many threads of inspiration from music including African music and find those voices.”

She explained that her latest show includes a unique 3D mapping experience with lots of audience engagement. “It’s a nice interactive experience to help support our bees and other pollinators,” she says. “Audiences are given either 1 of 6 possible maps/hats with LED lights that I control from the stage. They are then led on a treasure hunt.”

Toni says the experience is designed to keep audiences engaged for up to five months – before, during and after the show ending with asking the audience members to send their hats to a physical location where they become part of a large public installation. “It’s two hours of 3D mapping with amazing high tech features and such an engaging experience.”

Toni says her latest tour is a nice balance of old and new energy. “We have had nothing but positive feedback about it which is great.”

Over her extensive career, which has included working alongside greats Al Green ad Peter Gabriel, Toni says she has experienced several defining moments. “Playing 10,000 foot above ground in the Himalayas and also under the water at Hervey Bay would definitely be up there.”

Toni also had the experience of opening for Bob Dylan early on in her career. She described him as a “very sweet and gracious guy.”

Toni, who currently resides in Byron Bay, after moving from Hawaii with her Australian husband in 2012, says she cherishes her career and all of its ups and downs. “It’s been a full-bodied experience and one that I have been able to hold onto regardless of what has been thrown at me. I am very grateful”.

When & Where:
Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool – June 8
Geelong Drama Theatre, Geelong – June 9
Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo – June 16

Written by Sally Poehland