Tomorrow is Book a Holiday Day

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Tomorrow is Book a Holiday Day

Yep that’s right – Book A Holiday Day!!
Launched by, Australia’s first ‘Book a Holiday Day’ comes after findings and insights from a national survey looking into Australian full-time workers annual leave habits, what their motivations are and what the consequences are of not taking enough annual leave.
Data revealed an equivalent of 2.4 million Aussies have gone without taking annual leave for more than a year, with 86% experiencing burnout as a result of not taking enough.
That’s a lot of stressing and not enough margaritas if you ask us!
Paid annual leave is pretty much necessary in order to feel refreshed and work more effectively, to de-stress from work and look after their health and to have more time to travel and experience different countries/cultures… so the essentials really.
So now what?
Well, now we have Book a Holiday Day this Friday June 15 (tomorrow), a day dedicated to taking time out of the daily grind and winter chill to book a getaway – no matter how big or small – to ensure Aussies are taking care of their health and wellbeing.
Text your boss, sleep in, it’s a national holiday!!
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