Tom Glover is turning heads with his latest EP ‘In The Garden, Under The Moon’

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Tom Glover is turning heads with his latest EP ‘In The Garden, Under The Moon’

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Glover tends to be a last name related to musical gems. There's Donald Glover of Childish Gambino fame, not to mention his acting efforts, and now there is Tom Glover.

Tom Glover is generating some hype as a 21-year-old guitarist and composer from Melbourne’s east. Drawing influences from a melting pot of artistic talent including Plini, Bon Iver, ‘Sultans of Swing’ singers Dire Straits and Steve Vai, Glover is glowing as a bedroom musician, especially with his latest body of work, EP In The Garden, Under The Moon.

In The Garden, Under The Moon Tracklist

  1. Fireblossom
  2. Moonglow
  3. Song For A Sunrise
  4. Rose Gold
  5. Indigofera
  6. Lune Rêve

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Having dropped on 31 May, following the release of the first two tracks as singles earlier this year, In The Garden, Under The Moon extends from Glover’s first full length record Land of Dreams in 2022, showing clear development in his technical guitar abilities, soundscape creations and overall ear for production.

His virtuosic guitar playing already boasted infectious grooves, tight hooks and immerse depth of soundscaping, extending well beyond the confined walls of his bedroom, but on In The Garden, Under The Moon, Glover grows into a defined artist. The coming-of-age album is an eclectic fusion of styles all refined by Glover to masterfully weave a sonic tapestry.

It’s a skill he has honed for sometime but now hit the nail on the head. Flowering at 16, thanks to his high school guitar teachers encouragement, Glover has dedicated years to his craft across multiple bodies of work. The first was his self-produced DIY effort Peace & War which demonstrated his unique guitar style and set the groundwork for a sound he has continued to sharpen. The second, the aforementioned Land of Dreams, showed significant progress in Glovers compositional undertakings; his guitar skills evolving and his breadth of influence streaming in, leading him to the matured state of In The Garden, Under The Moon.

Across the six tracks, ‘Fireblossom’, ‘Moonglow’, ‘Song For A Sunrise’, ‘Rose Gold’, ‘Indigofera’ and ‘Lune Rêve’, Glover proves that there are no bounds for what can be created in a bedroom.

You can listen to In The Garden, Under The Moon now, via all streaming platforms.