Tom Christie: Canopy

Tom Christie: Canopy

Oooooh, that sweet, sweet 60’s psychedelia vibe. Reminiscent of the ‘Nugget’ series of compilations with vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on The Beatle’s ‘Revolver’, Tom Christie’s Canopy is a dream-pop experience for fans of Tropical Strength and Tame Impala. Not that it sounds similar, but ‘I Have to Make You See’ for some reason reminds me of The Turtles’ ‘Happy Together’, having that vibe that tip-toes between being ominous and euphoric.

‘Now That She’s Gone’ has some interesting 60’s style synth and nice harmonies (which I assume as all done by Christie).

By the time the album closes out with ‘Guess I’m Changing’ I realised that this is an album I would happily show to my Nan.

Not to say that it’s aiming at an older demographic, but I more so feel as if it leases so much from so many genres and eras that ultimately people of any age would enjoy it, well worth the suss (unless you’re the dude at my local bus stop who has a collection of 7 different Dying Foetus T-shirts… maybe you shouldn’t suss it out.)

Reviewed by Alex Callan