Tobin Sprout: The Universe and Me

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Tobin Sprout: The Universe and Me

Blistering out of my laptop speakers, ‘Future Boy Today/Man of Tomorrow’ is the opening track to Tobin Sprout’s new record The Universe and Me and reminds me fondly of the end of high school. Fresh eyed and bushy tailed, the heavily over-driven jangly guitar reminds me of the mosh pit in the groove room at The Nash. All moshing as one, with sticky floorboards underfoot, the lyrics to this track are simple and catchy as hell. From a couple of listens, I’m sure that it will bring back childhood memories for you too.

The Universe and Me is the sixth album for Sprout and has taken the best part of seven years to piece together. Digging through a treasure chest of memories in his Michigan studio, the majority of this record is quite self reflective and will have you thinking back to those hot summer holidays spent by the beach with family. Sounding like a cross between 60’s Beach Boys and Beatles (think Revolver era), there is a bit of a punk post rock element that I am really digging to this album. The majority of the songs on The Universe and Me are quite short, although that allows them to become stuck in your head easily.

If your looking for an album to reminisce with childhood friends over, this is it. There are a lot of different soundscapes present throughout the 14 tracks, but it’s definitely worth checking out this fuzzed out indie rock trip. You won’t regret it.

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Reviewed by Tex Miller