To love and to be loved in return…

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To love and to be loved in return…

If pets could talk, what would be their goals in life? I believe it would be quite simple and close to our human goals; enjoy life and experience, to be happy and meet someone that they can spend their life with and truly love and be loved in return.

We live in a country where we are lucky enough to have a voice and the rights to make choices of who we love. For pets it would be arguable if that is the case. You have made the choice to have a pet, so now how to show the love.

There are many ways and things that make a pet happy. The challenge with most pet owners are that they are time poor due to the obvious commitments of family and work. So to keep your pet feeling loved, here are my top three tips.

1. Enrichment programs are super important especially if you are not spending time at home during the day.

2. Set a routine for dog walks. Cats and pocket pets, a snuggle and a brush would be favourable.

3.Grooming. We all love a pamper and so does your pet.

So check out what the best enrichment is for your pet. Our community vet clinic is available if you require guidance as to what would be appropriate. Include your pet in your life; if you are going to pet friendly events, take your pet. Lastly book in for that pamper. We all love to get our nails and hair done, and so does your pet. They will be walking out fluff balled and ribboned ready to hit the pavers.

Looking for love? At GAWS we re-unite and re-home pets, with over 2,200 animals re-homed to their forever homes last financial year. Our GAWS rescue pet this time round is our Tyler – a male Greyhound. He is a total couch potato and loves the easy life, so if you’re laid back and want someone to watch movies with and very short walks then Tyler is your man.

All they need is love and attention. I write this article, my daughter has been climbing on me wanting to be a part of what I’m doing. Taking that time out for a bit of a kiss and a cuddle and including her shows love and inclusion. The same concept with pets. Take a little time, and the return on love is ten fold.

Because every life is precious…

Written by Julia Ladgrove
Community Engagement Manager