Tiny Little Houses: You Tore Out My Heart

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Tiny Little Houses: You Tore Out My Heart

I’m not sure why it is, but sometimes the most depressing of songs are the best of songs. That’s certainly the case with opening number ‘Soon We Won’t Exist’, which, well, the title pretty accurately describes the content. Musically it’s an ode to the older stylings of ’90s indie/alt rock. The vocals are gritty and the synth is a little off beat but that was the charm of the decade and I’ve got no complaints here!
‘Easy’ is a track you would have heard by now on triple j, and while that can be said for virtually any alternative band coming out these days, this track actually earned it’s place. It’s a cruisy listen, taking just the right breaks from vocals to let you take it all in. When the chorus hits it’s ethereal and total bliss.
Overall there’s something so unique about the brand of alt-rock that Tiny Little Houses have come out with. It’s not overused and it’s true to the band’s beliefs. ‘You Tore Out My Heart’ is a slow thoughtful number that closes the album perfectly. It’s the kind of single that you have to sit and listen to, and appreciate every damn word and beat that comes from the speakers. Pick this one up if you’re a lover of any alt-indie music but are missing the genre’s origins just that little bit.
Out Independently
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring