Tinpan Orange: Love is a Dog

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Tinpan Orange: Love is a Dog

Somehow while wearing a sweater and several layers of clothing, Emily Lubitz’ vocals in opening number ‘Rich Man’ still managed to give me shivers. It’s heartfelt, thoughtful and paired perfectly with the violin that softly sweeps into the track. It’s the perfect opening to what will follow as one of the finest releases of the year. Yes, it’s that good. The single is also said to be the first recorded exploration of Lubitz’ falsetto; here’s hoping there is much more to come.

Throughout the release there’s a sense of excitement as the vocals are slowly but surely layered with each instrument that comes through (from guitar, drums to violin). It creates a sound that fills the room while never being overpowering. You could say it’s the musical version of a warm hug from a loved one.

With Tinpan Orange’s fifth offering in Love is a Dog it’s really hard to pick out a highlight. The release is varied, while capturing a common-thread of raw emotion that flows through the album. However, ‘Rich Man’, ‘Lucky One’, ‘Light Across the Water’ and ‘Diary’ are my picks for repeat (up to the hundreds) listening.

Reviewed by Amanda Sherring