Tinpan Orange Lock in Geelong Show

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Tinpan Orange Lock in Geelong Show

Be good to your brothers and sisters, should you have them, for you never know where a solid relationship will take you. For Emily and Jesse Lubitz it is Tinpan Orange, the indie folk darlings who, along with Alex Burkoy, know a little thing about creating ’60s inspired folk.

April will see the release of album number five for the band, the intricate concept album Love is a Dog, but single ‘Rich Man’ is out and about now. On the single, Jesse says: “When I first heard the final mix, I had the feeling that it could have been used as a Bond theme if David Lynch was directing”.

Workers Club, Geelong – May 27. The band will also be making an appearance at the Port Fairy Folk Festival and at the Toff in Melbourne on May 1.