Time to shine Geelong, people are growing mullets to raise funds for mental health research

Time to shine Geelong, people are growing mullets to raise funds for mental health research

Words by Talia Rinaldo

Business in the front, party in the back.

After gaining traction in the late ’70s and peaking in the ’80s, the mullet became one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. While this short at the front, long at the back haircut has had its fair share of jokes, we’ve seen it slowly making its way back into fashion in recent times.

Suited to men to those you aren’t afraid to stray from the crowd and don’t take themselves too seriously, there’s now an official reason to grow the majestic hairstyle.

Black Dog Institute, the not-for-profit mental health medical research organisation, want you to shape and grow a mullet next month in the name of raising much-needed funds for mental health research.

In a similar vein to Movember, or the World’s Greatest Shave, the ‘Mullets For Mental Health’ initiative aims to start a conversation around mental health, and drive real change through ground-breaking research into early detection, prevention and treatment of common mental health disorders.

According to the Black Dog Institute, 60% of Australians who report symptoms of mental illness don’t seek help and suicide is the leading cause of death among Aussies aged 15 to 44.

With the need to come together now more than ever before in the midst of a pandemic, ‘Mullets For Mental Health’ are asking people to register to create your own mullet fundraising page to help change these statistics and raise money for the organisation through donations to the page.

Come September 1, participants are encouraged to head down to their local barber to chop off the sides and let the back grow wild for the duration of September.

To help you shape your best Billy Ray Cyrus inspired mullet, Geelong-based Hunter Barbershop are backing the cause, donating $10 from every mullet cut between now and the end of September, $10 on behalf of every Hunter Barbershop Member, and $1 from every other service and product sold to the ‘Mullets For Mental Health’ cause.

“It’s an issue known, but not spoken about enough. Mental health affects all of us in different ways, and now more than ever it’s important to not only raise awareness, but to actually do something about it,” Hunter Barbershop said in a post to social media.

You can trust you’re in good hands here too. A quick glance at their Instagram page, and there’s a number of pristine mullets making an appearance.

Ladies wanting to help can also jump on board and rock the mullet, taking inspo from music legend Joan Jett or even Miley Cyrus, who is currently sporting the hairstyle.

Once the glorious mullet begins, the last thing to do is spread the work and ask for support from everyone and anyone. Let them all know you are one of the brave humans rocking such a glorious hairstyle for mental health.

If you’re ready to become a mullet legend, or you’re just keen to get behind a mate, then visit the website.