Time to de-stress, a Geelong designer has created a denim jacket with a calming edge

Time to de-stress, a Geelong designer has created a denim jacket with a calming edge

There’s no denying it, life can be are tough and confusing as hell sometimes, especially in recent times where physical distancing and the general daily news headlines can play havoc on our mental health. It’s not unusual for many to experience feelings of stress and anxiety from time to time.

Fortunately, there’s a bunch of things you can do to help de-stress and curb your anxiety and stress, from meditating, talking to others and podcasts, to stress balls, breathing techniques and even sensory clothing.

That’s where Geelong designer Emily Rastas comes in, today launching a specially designed classic denim jacket with a wellness edge.

Focusing on fashion with an ‘edgy’ look but a calming effect, Emily’s ‘Emipeli Design’ jackets work by harnessing our sense of touch to help relieve nervous energy, anxiety and stress, and in turn, help to improve the quality of your life by promoting better sleep, warding off illness and enhancing a general feeling of well-being.

“Our denim jackets are like a wearable stress ball and security blanket,” she says. “Each jacket has six different tactile elements to play with that can help ease your inner tensions.”

Emily was inspired to design wellness clothing that helps others after suffering a severe back injury 18 months ago. She had to learn to deal with chronic pain, plus the anxiety that comes with it.

“I want the jacket to help wearers feel more secure and confident; to distract themselves in a positive way,” she says.

“Our clothing engages one of the most powerful senses, touch, as a calming stimulus. Hidden between the outer layer and a soft lining, the tactile elements include faux fur in the pockets – it’s like being able to stroke your cat – spinning buttons and a secret patchwork maze.”

Emily is now leveraging a Kickstarter campaign – a funding platform for creative projects that does not charge pledgers unless the project reaches its funding goal – to drive her world-first unisex designs into production.

The target for Stage 1 of her project is $30,000. After that, as each $10,000 is raised, Emily will release another one of her eight designs she had ready to go.

“I always knew I wanted to design, but I also knew that I wanted to help people – I’m able to combine both passions with this clothing line and it’s my dream to get it out there.”

You can donate to the campaign here. Visit Emily’s website for more information.