Gangz guitarist Tim Currie is launching a new solo project this Friday

Gangz guitarist Tim Currie is launching a new solo project this Friday

Words by Keegan Bennett

The melancholic dreamy rock pretty much sums up how we're all feeling.

Ballarat singer/ songwriter Tim Currie is set to drop his debut solo material this Friday. The singles ‘Lonely for You’ and ‘High Rise’ are the first to drop and will be available on Spotify.

Currie is also a member of the surf-rock band Gangz, and it’s clear that his time at the band has somewhat influenced the sound in his solo material. But don’t be mistaken, these aren’t just Gangz B-sides, the new tracks present a more melancholic, mature sound that highlights Currie’s dystopic lyrics to great effect.


Key Takeaways

  • Tim Currie of Gangz fame is launching a solo project
  • Two tracks are out this Friday on all good streaming platforms


Currie says he is inspired by Father John Misty and Alexandra Savior, both artists who undoubtedly have contributed in waves to the slow, sad sounds that Currie has created.

‘Lonely For You’ is a four-minute track that frankly, understays its welcome. Even at four minutes, I wish it was longer, but I suppose I’ll have to wait for an album to get another serving of the dreamy pop on offer here.

This is certainly one that needs an accompanying lyric sheet. Whilst the lyrics here undoubtedly cover themes of regret, love, and heartbreak, for the most part they are indistinguishable. Not quiet or smothered by other instruments, but rather, difficult to understand. Think along the lines of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ difficult to understand. Not to discredit Currie’s songwriting at all mind you, the lyrics here are just as mature and contemplative as the rest of the track, such as the line, ‘Sometimes I dance with decisions until I dance alone’. I almost hate to use this word but the lyrics on offer here do a lot to contribute to the “vibe” of the track.

As well as lovely lyrics, the instrumentation on ‘Lonely For You’ is incredibly varied. Passages of piano and violin break up the verses nicely. Strummed guitar is layered in as well, helping to build the backbone of the song. A guitar plays a nice melody through the choruses of the song, sounding like they are plucked straight from some Demon Days Gorillaz era.


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The tracks here were produced by Micheal Belsar of Hunting Grounds and Twinsy fame, and arrive on this Friday the 19th of Feb.

Check out the tracks when they drop on Soundcloud here, and check out Tim’s Insta for more info.