Tilde Announces Line Up

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Tilde Announces Line Up

Tilde New Music Festival have announced the lineup for their third incarnation. The festival is dedicated to the presentation and promotion of rarely-heard contemporary Australasian art music.
Covering notated and improvised music, the sonic arts, and the intersections with other art forms including theatre, dance, performative and visual art, and literature, the 2016 event offers a low-cost and high-quality, grass-roots festival with food, drink, installations, performances, visual art, discussion, and much more.
The lineup includes Seedy V Grimes, Josten Myburgh/Jameson Feakes, Third Rail, Halfsound, Sam McAuliffe, Melanie Walters, Brigid Burke, Otiose and Stephen Roache. For its third year, the festival will run over three days and three sites: The Channel on Friday evening, Testing Grounds on Saturday and the Australian Institute of Music on Sunday. It takes place from Friday January 22 – Sunday January 24. Hit their website for more details.