Tigerlily is making her way to Ultra Australia

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Tigerlily is making her way to Ultra Australia

Sydney-sider Dara Hayes, better known as DJ Tigerlily, has gone from mixing tracks in her bedroom to becoming one of Australia’s elite performers, performed all over the globe to crowds of over tens of thousands. Undeniably captivating, we chat to the bubbly DJ on her upcoming performance at Ultra Australia.

Last time we spoke was pretty much a year ago ahead of your performance at Road to ULTRA in Melbourne. Now we’re back again, this time ahead of Ultra Australia – now a full-scale festival. How do you think your experience will compare to last year?
I’m super excited to once again be a part of such an iconic festival coming to Australian shores. It’s going to be different from last year, in that the scale is just so much bigger and more epic. It’s so nice to see an EDM festival grow and go from strength to strength in Australia, especially with the current dance music climate.

What’s the best part of a set for you at these types of events?
It totally depends on the set, the crowd and the set time! I think for me, the end of my set at Ultra will be better, as I love to take people on a journey when I play and send them off with a bang!

There’s quite a high calibre of artists joining you at this years festival – is there anyone on the lineup you would recommend festival goers MUST see?
I personally hope I can see Adam Beyer’s set! But Marshmello will be one not to miss for the main stage. Don’t forget to support your local acts and visit the other stages as well!

This time last year also signified a new chapter for you with your single ‘Ashes’, which crossed into the pop realm. Are you working on anything new, or is there anything exciting coming up for you for 2019?
Heaps of new stuff (hopefully) coming out soon. I’ve had some set backs musically in the past year or so and hoping 2019 will change that completely. Got two cool collabs that I’ve recently finished that I hope will be out soon – I will play them at Ultra!

Off-topic, but we noticed you’ve released an e-book with routines that you use on a day to day basis to optimise health and happiness. Can you give us a little insight to this one? Was this something you always wanted to do?
Yeah it was. My followers know I’m super passionate about veganism, health, animal activism and general good vibes. I am going to work towards doing more work like this in the future.

Following on from this, you send quite an inspiring message in regards to mind, body and health – through this book and through your social media. Is this a hard lifestyle to maintain with the industry you’re a part of? Why/why not?
Yes and no. Anything is possible when you’re passionate and prepared. For me, over anything else, my health and happiness are number1. I think in this industry, people have other priorities (money and fame to name a few) and so health can get lost in the mix.

Thanks so much for chatting! To finish off, any last minute festival tips for those coming to ULTRA?
Make sure you guys hydrate throughout the day! Wear sunscreen. And most importantly, look after your mates!

Ultra Australia will touch down in Melbourne on Saturday 23rd February at Flemington Racecourse. Tickets via ultraaustralia.com/tickets/