Three Things You’ll Need This Winter

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Three Things You’ll Need This Winter

To me, winter has always been the most promising time of year for clean and stylish fashion trends. There’s something about the bite of the crisp air, paired with a deep coloured lip and a huge cosy jacket that just really gets my heart racing. That or the excuse to break open the piggy bank for those new boots – but enough about that. Here are three of what will be my most coveted items over the next few coming months.
Having a coat during the winter months is definitely a no-brainer. If you don’t have one already, you might want to think about investing. A massive colour trend in coats at the moment is camel. I don’t doubt you’ve seen it around, but I thought I’d mention it anyway, as camel can be harder to get right than you might first think. The trick to find the right camel for you is to work against the undertone of your skin. I know it sounds strange but beiges work best when they don’t blend with your skin tone – which is why warm skin tones go with cool beiges and cool skin tones go with warm camels.
I was born with naturally brittle nails. It had nothing to do with me not having enough calcium in my diet, because I’m convinced that I was completely addicted to milk and cheese as a child. I mean lets be real, I still am. But having naturally rubbish nails means that I’ve accumulated quite the nail polish collection over the years, making me a bit of a polish connoisseur. There is one particular nail colour trend that I’ve seen revamped time and time again, which is a deep wine red, reminiscent of the glass of red I’ll be having in front of my fireplace tonight. Deep ox-blood reds are a tried and true winter nail trend that will be here this winter – and the next – so keep a bottle handy, pun definitely intended.
Some people like bags, some people like socks, I’ve always thought of myself to be a bit of a knitwear junkie. I absolutely die over a knitted jumper, but this winter brings a different kind of knitwear style to the shops, one that I’ve been gravitating toward greatly. It’s essentially your stock standard turtleneck jumper with the arms lopped off. I know it seems like a peculiar shape, but it’s such an amazing piece to layer with, as you simply won’t have to worry about having to squish bulky sleeves into your coat or jacket. I also love pairing one of
these with a dress underneath, for added warmth and a modern but effortless silhouette. I’m also no stranger to a bit of a hair tuck when it comes to sporting a turtleneck. After all, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!
So there you have it, my current winter must-haves. There’s even a little bit of colour in there! Now that it’s well and truly winter, if you need me, you can find me under the doona in bed hibernating, or in a heated shopping centre near you.
Written by Jessica Alves / @jessicazalves