This Way North’s Vol.3 is a fun, energetic collection of tracks

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This Way North’s Vol.3 is a fun, energetic collection of tracks

Words by Keegan Bennett, Photograph provided by This Way North

The new EP from the indie-pop duo is well worth your time and money

The long-awaited third installment in Victorian indie-pop duo This Way North’s series of EP’s is finally here and is a treat back to front.

The duo’s new EP is packed full of playful songwriting, joyous melodies, and punchy percussion, and is a treat to listen to.

The Key Takeaways

  • Victorian duo This Way North have released their third EP
  • Out now on all good streaming platforms and bandcamp

The new EP is truly an ode to the open road, but also not being held down by things and recognizing sources of tension in one’s life. On the track ‘Sugar’ the duo sings of an addictive relationship, addictive to the point where it’s unhealthy for either side. That track is followed by ‘You Be You’, which serves as a sort of conclusion to the aforementioned relationship, where the pair sing “If your heart turns blue and your mind turns free, I don’t mind at all”.

‘Busy As A Competition’ is another high point, which opens with a conversation between bandmates. This song is about a relationship where each member is too busy for the other, something I’m sure anyone working a 9-5 can relate to. This track features a cute xylophone melody that is accompanied by electric guitar throughout the song. It serves as a nice peak for the EP, as it mellows out with ‘Where We Go’ which sees the pair stick pretty firmly in their resolve, and announce they “I don’t care if I’m digging myself a hole, at least I have somewhere to bury my feet and grow”.

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Musically, the EP builds on their previous releases by being better produced, with brighter and clearer instruments. Tracks are more layered and sound more detailed than they have in the past too. For example, the opening chord of ‘Driving Roads’ is backed up by a sort of wavey synth sound in the background, as well as the run-off from the guitar itself. Later, a melodic passage is built up with ambient wailing as well as sustained vocals that result in the song having a great sense of space, almost like listening to a live recording.

Overall, the EP is a solid listen, with lots to love, and will no doubt sound great live. If you haven’t already, check out This Way North as they’re well worth your time.

Vol.3 from This Way North is available now on all good streaming platforms, check out the band’s Instagram here. Support the band by buying some merch or the album on their bancamp page.