This Way North: Vol. 2

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This Way North: Vol. 2

The second EP released by Melbourne duo This Way North, entitled Vol. 2, is a vibrant and must-have soundtrack for weekend road-trips and weeknight lounge-room dance parties.
Recorded in Toronto, Canada during 2016 and 2017 with producer Derek Downham, the six-song collection is a good indication of the band’s steady evolution from rootsy rock that typified the band’s first EP Vol. 1, to the new vibe of groovy, alt-pop synth rock that exudes from this new offering.
Track ‘Head Above Water’ is an all-encompassing song that boasts an unparalleled guitar riff that speaks to Leisha Jungawalla’s immense skill with the axe while ‘Make It Work’ is a fan friendly sing along with a funk undertone. Second single ‘Pressure’ can be described as grungy pop while lead single ‘Nothing to Say’ is an ethereal and melodic piece that highlights the need to be still and live in the moment.
If anything, Vol. 2 is a perfect example of growth and perfectly highlights a band that has grasped a wealth of genres seamlessly. The sound this band emits make you forget this is a two-piece, such is their raw energy and talent. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Daniel Jubb