This unique Tasmanian-based Japanese restaurant is opening in Geelong

This unique Tasmanian-based Japanese restaurant is opening in Geelong

From Launceston to Geelong, with love.

Soon to call Geelong’s CBD home, Kosaten Japanese Restaurant has made a name for itself in Tasmania for taking dining into the age of the future with its quirky inventiveness and playful style.

Conceived by business partners Michael Zhang and Kazuhiro Kojima, Kosaten Japanese Restaurant is a unique take on the traditional sushi train eatery that is popular in Japan. Over there, the train is all about high turnover food production, rapid supply and low dwell time which is perfect for Japan’s large population.

Kosaten Japanese takes a more personalised approach. Instead of selecting from a stream of dishes as they travel past, you order from an a la carte menu via an iPad and the dishes and drinks are delivered directly from the kitchen to you via a train. Shinkansen-style.

With restaurants on both Launceston and Hobart, Kosaten’s creative dishes blend the modern and traditional Japanese culinary style, using the best of Tasmania’s produce wherever possible. From nigiri and sushi rolls to vegetarian delights, there is something for everyone on the appealing menu. You’ll also find oysters, Tataki, sashimi, fried prawns, Soba salad, Miso soup, and Edamame. There’s even Pork Belly, tuna salad, and Japanese fried chicken. They also cater for vegans, vegetarians and those who are gluten-free, so it’s a good time all round

You’ll also find some oh-so-delicious sake on the drinks list, alongside a range of beer, wine and cider.

Bringing the same core values and intricacies to Geelong, the menu will feature unique differences to their Tasmanian venues, based on a local chef and ingredients that can be sourced in the Geelong region.

As for the venue itself, their two restaurants feature has pendant lighting, moody deep tones and intimate booth seating, all of which we’re hoping they’ll be bringing along to their new location.

As for what inspired the move to Geelong? Kosaten revealed, “The opportunity came up and we’ve been looking for a while to open a store in Victoria. Geelong seems to be the perfect place to start.”

We’re not going to argue with that. Specialing in sushi and boasting the neon and vibrancy of Japanese culture, with flavours that are equally fresh and bright on the plate, we can’t wait to get a taste of this fun and interactive dining experience.

You’ll find the venue on Ryrie Street (exact location has not been revealed to us just yet) but they’ve hinted at a December opening, just in time for those end of year celebrations.

Until then, keen an eye on their socials and start firing up those group chats.