This Twitter account tells you exactly what time the daily press conference will be

This Twitter account tells you exactly what time the daily press conference will be

It's proved to be very handy.

Australians have spent the most part of the last year watching state premiers give daily coronavirus updates on TV, with Victorian Premier Dan Andrews becoming a big part of our lives… and he’s also become a big part of someone else’s life – a Twitter user to be precise.

The key takeaways 

  • A Twitter account is letting people know what time Premier Andrews’ press conferences are
  • Weather reports and fun facts are also shared

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With Andrews delivering more than 100 consecutive press conferences at one stage there, Victorians are often eager to tune in to hear the daily infection daily, rolling averages and information regarding the easing of restrictions, face mask rules and any other changes happening around the state.

While the press conferences are consistent, the timing is unfortunately not. Some days it will be at 11am, another day 11:30 and sometimes he won’t speak until 2pm. It’s a small inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

Thankfully, an absolute legend has come to the fore with a solution in the form of a Twitter account.

The account, @WhatTimeDan, tweets the time for the daily press conferences and notifies everyone as soon as the time is announced to the media, which has saved us a tonne of time trying to Google it. We’re not sure how he does it, but as soon as the media knows, you can know too.

Alongside the time updates, they even announce daily weather predictions and fun facts about the day. What a bloody trooper.

We can’t speak for everyone, but it has sure been helpful for those weekend announcements.

The creation of the Twitter account followed Andrew’s stint in social media following Melbourne first week of the strictest lockdown the country has seen thus far in the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, where Andrew’s had become a hot topic of conversation, one Facebook user decided to create a viral Facebook event titled ‘Give Dan Andrews A Virtual Hug’ which has accumulated more than 100,000 Aussies within a matter of hours.

Specifically, at time of writing over 65,000 people clicked attending to the event, while 67,000 people have flagged their interest in showing their virtual support for the premier.

In the event description, the host wrote:

“As we all know, Dan Andrews is looking exhausted and disheartened. This is an event where we can click “Attending/Going” as a virtual way to show him that he has the support of the Victorian people, and we appreciate his incredibly hard work in keeping us safe,” it read.

“Yes, he is not perfect, but as he has said in his own words, there is no ‘handbook’ for a global Pandemic.”

Wait, it gets better…

“Furthermore, I think we should all give Dr. Sutton a cuddle (however I’m not sure on whether the cuddle would be more beneficial for him or us) AND a very special shout out the Auslan interpreters. You guys do incredible work each and every day. Legends, all of you.”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

For updates from the Premier himself, you can head here.