This Ones for Ted

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This Ones for Ted

TMG, the iconic seventies pub rock band, are hitting the road to Geelong’s Sphinx Hotel with the “This Ones for Ted” tour. This will see all original members together for the first time in 25 years.

With the passing of Ted Mulry in 2001, it is only fitting that his younger brother Steve fill his shoes alongside the original members of TMG. Steve sang two songs with the band at the Gimme Ted benefit in 2001 and got the thumbs up from big brother.

Bringing all the iconic hits from their time as a seventies pub rock band, expect to hear ‘Jump In My Car’ (which made the number one spot forty years ago), alongside tracks like ‘Darktown Strutters Ball’, ‘Crazy’, ‘My little Girl’, ‘Jamaica Rum’, ‘Heart of Stone’ and many others will feature in what promises to be a great night of Rock n’ Roll.

Catch them LIVE this October.

When & Where: The Sphinx Hotel, North Geelong – October 13.
Tickets: Meal & Show $70 | Show Only $35

Image sourced via Ted Mulry Gang socials