This isn’t our first rodeo, but let’s brush up how to get through another Victorian lockdown

This isn’t our first rodeo, but let’s brush up how to get through another Victorian lockdown

Words by Riya Kiran

Here's your ultimate guide to surviving this seven day lockdown.

This morning James Merlino, the Victorian deputy premier, announced a seven day ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown beginning tonight. With only five reasons that you can leave your house, it may feel like there aren’t many avenues to stay connected and entertained.

We understand that things can start to get rough, especially if you’re living alone and feeling even more isolated. In an effort to look after yourself and survive this lockdown here’s a couple of ideas for the upcoming seven days.

Indulge in Self Care

Beneficial to your routine is self-care! Lockdown is the best time to indulge in your favourite beauty rituals and maximise your me-time. Light your favourite candle, dip into the bath or slip into your favourite silks and put on a face mask. Whether it’s a DIY face mask made from the hidden ingredients in your kitchen, or a fancy face mask you bought but never had the time to use. Rituals like this allow you to pause your day and simply unwind. Give back to your body for all hard work you’ve been putting in!

Look after your Mental Health

Being in lockdown can be overwhelming for a number of reasons. If you’re struggling, it’s important to make your mental health a priority! Find ways to decrease your stress and anxiety by taking time out and delving into things you enjoy. Practice mediation and mindful thinking or settle into bed with your favourite show and take the day off. There are also some great services you can connect with including Lifeline Australia and Beyond Blue, if you just need someone to listen.


Whether you’re a baking god or are simply craving a sweet treat, use this lockdown period to really hone into your skills. Bake your way through the lockdown and fill your home with the aromas of warm banana bread, gooey chocolate cookies and more. Tie up the aprons and spend a couple of hours in the kitchen gathering and chopping ingredients, getting creative with a challenging recipe, or making a house-hold favourite!

Give Arnott’s Monte Carlo recipe a go here, or Wah Bah’s famous crispy chicken bao here.

Get Some Fresh Air

As lockdown rolls around there’s no denying that we will begin craving the freedom of the outdoors. The current restrictions allow for us to exercise outdoors for up to two hours, so there’s no harm in taking a few minutes out of your day to clear your headspace! So, when lockdown begins to get overwhelming, rid of those indoor itches, take a break and be one with mother nature. Just make sure to equip yourself with your face mask, maintain social distancing and be safe!

Check out some great walks here. Just make sure its within your 5km.

Stay Connected with Friends & Family

Social distancing doesn’t have to be hard! Although we’re physically far from our loved ones, staying virtually connected can help us feel close during times like this. Keep up with them through frequent phone calls or video calls, for casual chat and to find some comfort. Stay connected and retain the human connection!

Virtual Games Night

Another way to stay connected with friends and family is a fun virtual games night! Whether you’re hunting down the Imposter on Among Us or vying for the number one spot in a round of Kahoot, a games night through video call is the perfect way to get your dose of winner’s pride. Using Facetime, Zoom or Google Hangouts choose your favourite game to settle in and enjoy. Some fan favourite games include the online Cards Against Humanity – All Bad Cards, Shell Shock, Skribblio and many more!

Netflix Party

Are you and your friend group frequent visitors at the movie cinema? Are you feeling the empty or unsatisfied feeling of post-cinema discussions? Netflix Party will be your saviour at times of movie night cravings. The software gives a new way to watch films or shows with your friends in the comfort of your own home. The chrome extension easily synchronises video playback and adds the function of real-time group chats along your favourite flicks. To download the extension, visit

Get Artsy

Were you planning on heading down to a local paint & workshop? Or are your creative sense tingling during this lockdown period? With us being unable to visit the local art gallery it’s time for you to get creative! Get out the old paint tubes and empty canvases as you follow a Bob Ross tutorial or paint the fruit bowl on your front bench. Maybe even a cheeky glass of wine to accompany the night. This is the perfect time to kick into your inner Van Gogh!

Remember to stay safe and stay connected!