Good Schnit is back, slinging takeaway loaded schnitties in Armstrong Creek

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Good Schnit is back, slinging takeaway loaded schnitties in Armstrong Creek

The pop-up parmi bar returns.

The good ol’ schnitzel needs no introduction. Famed as a go-to pub favourite, the humble schnitzel has found ground in fine dining restaurants, pubs, and cafes around Australia. There’s no doubt, everyone loves a good quality schnitty – you simply can’t go wrong.

Well buckle up schnitty lovers, we’ve got two words for you: Good Schnit.

After its initial introduction back in 2019 before the whole world turned to shit, Good Schnit is making its grand return to Armstrong Creek’s well-loved neighbourhood cafe and pizza bar Warralily Cockatoo every Monday and Tuesday from 4pm, slinging a number of schnitties to sink your teeth into.

The key takeaways

  • Armstrong Creek’s pop-up parmi bar is back
  • Good Schnit will be slinging loaded schniztels every Monday and Tuesday night
  • Schnizels are $17 and come in a variety of toppings

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Each golden-crumbed schnitzel, your choice of chicken, pork and eggplant, is generously smothered, covered and loaded with toppings and sauces, creating quirky fusions of some of your favourite dishes and flavour combinations. These fabulous feasts are like having two meals in one – and it’s all for just $17.

It’s no secret that Aussies love the mighty chicken parma. It’s got a rep for being one of the biggest plate-able dishes of all time (truth), and Good Schnit doesn’t let you down if you’re feeling one of these bad boys.

If you’re up for embracing the land of tequila and cactus, the Mexican Schnitz is sure to fill the belly. An awesome combo of cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and jalapenos topped with some crispy corn chips on top of a perfectly cooked Schnitz promises tastebuds will have a little dance.

The Kim Jong Schnit, however, declares war on your mouth, and with your first bite, you will surrender to it. The perfectly cooked Korean BBQ chicken topped with Kewpie Mayo, Sriracha, Sesame seeds, crispy & spring onions explode with flavour like a nuclear ballistic missile. With a side of killer fries, a trusty salad on your six and washed down with a fresh canteen of Blackman’s Juicy Banger Beer… This is a battle you won’t want to miss.

There’s a number of other options, but we’d be here all day so best to check out their menu on their Facebook or Instagram. There’s also some bits for pecking (the Buffalo chicken wings are hot and spicy!), and you can even pimp your schnit by adding a salad, turning it into a burger, make a big schnit (think layers), change your chippies to sweet potato fries, or even add a sauce.

You’d be chicken schnit to not give this a go.

Located at Warralily Village, 3-33 Central Boulevard, Armstrong Creek. Call (03) 52641992 to pre-order for pick-up or delivery, or simply order online here now!