This Hot Mess

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This Hot Mess

Hey Forte Crew!
Let’s be real, life is a bit of a hot mess sometimes. Just when we think we’re getting it together something comes along and throws all of our beautifully placed ducks out of the row we’ve meticulously lined them in. You loose a job, someone close to you gets sick, you crash your car… life just, happens! And as much as we can try to plan our lives, “life” is simply always going to do its own thing.
But if I’m going to be truly honest, it’s not just life that is a bit of a hot mess… I am also! I’m by nature not very organised, tidy or good at “adulting”. That stuff takes major effort and strategy. And on top of that, I suffer with some hectic anxiety that often gets in the way of me living my best life. But I was sure that I am not the only “hot mess” out there, so I started a blog on Instagram for people just like me, @thishotmessau
This Hot Mess has two goals to help as we navigate life crazy twists and turns: Keeping our minds sharp and our heart soft. To me, having a sharp mind means continuing to learn about topics we love or don’t know much about, and keeping up with what’s happening globally (more than simply with the Kardashians). And a soft heart? Well, it means that although we are all human (flawed and imperfect!), we are learning ways to choose kindness. To be more generous, patient and gracious with others whilst doing our best to make a positive impact on our slice of the world. Throw in some tips on managing anxiety and little quotes to lift up your day and you’ve got @thishotmessau!
I’m so pumped to bring you a little tip or thought each Forté issue to help keep your mind sharp and heart soft as we all take on this hot mess of a life together!
So, I’m going to set you a little challenge. Between now and Forté’s next issue, try to simply do one thing that you see as making your mind sharper, or heart softer. Simple! Feel free to DM me on Insta and tell me what you’ve done, I’d love to hear from you! Until next time…
All my love,
Kim xx
Check out This Hot Mess here.