This Hot Mess: We’ve Launched!

This Hot Mess: We’ve Launched!

Well, the blog has officially been launched! And holy shit did we do it in style!! I honestly couldn’t say thank you enough for all the amazing local companies that came on board to support the night with their skills and time. If you’re looking to put together a party, check out our insta for pics and tags of the companies that helped us out… That was one event I one hundred percent could not have pulled off on my own!

So now that the dust has settled (that’s a classy way of saying my hangover has worn off), I wanted to share two of my personal takeaways from the incredible panel of women we had join us on the night. All four women were dropping bombs of truth and wisdom for the entire discussion, but these two were the ones that specifically stuck with me.

“Doing something imperfectly is better than not doing it at all” – Asti Maree.
Asti Maree (@asti.maree) is a female sexual empowerment coach and honestly one of the most amazing women I think I’ve ever met. Her passion for helping people and ability to be confident and humble at the same time is a rare quality I greatly admire. When asked about one of her weaknesses, Asti shared that she struggles with dyslexia. This resulted in her father dismissing her at a young age when she shared her dream of being a news reporter, something that put a crack in her confidence and belief in her abilities for much of her life.

It wasn’t until later in life she realised that writing and speaking to her audience was her calling, and to pretty much not give two fucks about anyone who had a problem with the fact her content may have a spelling mistake or two. Instead, she focused on what is important… sharing her wisdom with her world and changing lives, not getting every blog grammatically perfect.

So she imperfectly charged forward, despite her struggles, and refuses to feel insecure about her weaknesses because as she rightly said, “something done imperfectly is better than not done at all”. And I bloody couldn’t agree more, because the world would one hundred percent be worse off if Asti had chosen to stay quiet.

“Almost every time, other people’s opinions of you have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them” – Bec Dunfield
Bec from @Alchamybody is a really special woman. Her unique education as a psychotherapist and experienced Yoga instructor give her a very interesting view of the world, blending both eastern and western teachings. She is specifically interested in trauma… How it is held in the body, how it affects us and how to effectively treat it.

When asked about one piece of advice Bec could give to the women attending the launch, the above quote was it. And man, the older I get, the more I am learning that this is the truth. I’m not an overly quiet or discrete person. In fact, my personality has been referred to as “polarising” more times than I’d like to admit. But the truth is, my heart is pure and my intentions are good. So it’s interesting to see how simply existing, trying to be a blessing to my world and living a life that is authentic to who I am can really trigger some people.

Stepping back into the public eye, especially now I’m singing again and have launched the blog only accentuates this. But I’ve had to settle with the fact that as long as I’m not being “offensive”, (because that’s my responsibility), I can’t wear the heaviness of also taking responsibility for if people are “offended” by me. I’ve learned, and Bec reiterated this to our guests, that you just can’t please everyone.

So keep doing you Forte Crew! Shine bright, life your life with authenticity, passion, kindness and courage, and if that is offensive to some, you need to let it go because I promise you 99 percent, their problem is more about them than it is about you.

A huge thank you again to everyone who has supported the blog in its launch, it’s been so overwhelming in the most wonderful way. If you haven’t yet, check us out on Instagram at @thishotmessau

Sending love Forte crew!